SAP CRM Tables

Please find a list of the SAP CRM tables available, what data they store and a link to It’s Full field list.

CRMD_ORDERADM_H – Business Transaction header (tcode CRMD_ORDER) 
CRMD_ORDERADM_I – Business Transaction Item (tcode CRMD_ORDER) 
CRMD_LINK – Transaction Set Link 
CRMD_CUSTOMER_H – Transaction – Customer Extension 
CRMD_CUSTOMER_I – Transaction Item – Customer Extension 
CRMD_PRICING – Business Transaction Pricing Parameter Set 
CRMD_PARTNER – Partners 
CRM_JEST – Individual Object Status 
CRMRFCPAR – Definitions for RFC Connections 
CRMCONSUM – Possible Users of R/3 Adapter Functionality 
CRMC_BLUEPRINT – SAP Application Scenario – Screen Area Table 
CRMPAROLTP – CRM table to store OLTP Parameters 
CRMPRLS – Name of the Logical System for Download 

More SAP CRM Tables

CRMD_ACCPL_BDINC – Account Planner: Additional fields for the Basic Data Tab

CRMD_ACCPL_BWINF – Account Planning: Information About Connected BW System

CRMD_ACC_PL_ATTR – Account Planning account plan attributes

CRMD_ACC_PL_COST – Trade Spend Assignments table

CRMD_ACC_PL_OPER – Operations in Account Planning Programs

CRMD_ACC_PL_PAR – Assignment Partner Set in Account Planning

CRMD_ACC_PL_PCAT – Account Planning assignment of product category

CRMD_ACC_PL_PCAT_D – Assignment of product category and attributes

CRMD_ACC_PL_PCAT_T – Product category short text

CRMD_ACP_OBJ_PPF – ACP: Persistent attributes of class CL_CRM_ACC_PL_PPF


CRMD_ACTIVITY_I – Activity Reporting : Activity Line Item Extension

CRMD_ACT_H_DATE – CRM Activity: Last Selection Values for Period per User

CRMD_ACT_H_PRIO – CRM Activity: Last Selection Values for Period per User

CRMD_AC_ASSF4_01 – Search Help Values – Internal Order AC_ASSIGN

CRMD_AC_ASSF4_02 – Search Help Values – Sales Order Item AC_ASSIGN

CRMD_AC_ASSF4_03 – Search Help Values – WBS Element AC_ASSIGN

CRMD_AC_ASSF4_05 – Search Help Values for Cost Center AC_ASSIGN

CRMD_AC_ASSF4_EX – Search Help Values – External Account Assignment AC_ASSIGN

CRMD_AC_ASSIGN – Settlement Account Assignment Set

CRMD_ALLOC_ID – Global Assignment Numbers

CRMD_ALLOC_REL – Links: Transaction Item – Assignment Number

CRMD_APO_I – Temporary APO Item Data (Only APO 2.0)

CRMD_ARIS_OBJ – ARIS busines objects

CRMD_ARIS_OBJT – Description for ARIS business objects

CRMD_ATTR_ID – Assigns attribute model to document key

CRMD_AUSP_HIST – Characteristic Values

CRMD_BILLING – Business Transaction – Billing Set

CRMD_BILLING_DB_DYN – Billing Request Item: Dynamic Fields of the Database Buffer

CRMD_BILLPLAN – Billing Plan

CRMD_BILLPLAN_D – Billing Plan Date

CRMD_BILLPLAN_DA – Value Split for Billing Plan

CRMD_BILLPLAN_DF – Date in Billing Plan for Financing

CRMD_BINREL – Interlinkages Between CRM Application Objects

CRMD_BM_MES – CRM broadcast messaging runtime table for messages

CRMD_BM_MESADD – broadcast messaging table for additional fields

CRMD_BM_MESCONT – broadcast message table for message content

CRMD_BM_MESEXP – broadcast messaging table for expire timestamp

CRMD_BM_MESEXTRA – broadcast messaging table for extra data


CRMD_BOL_TRACE_R – Found relations from CRM BOL trace

CRMD_BOUNCE_ATTR – Bounce: Attribute Store in SO50 for SO28

CRMD_BRELATLK – Additional Attributes: Object Link ATLK

CRMD_BRELRSHPA – Additional Attributes of Relationships

CRMD_BRELVONAE – Additional attributes: Object interlinkage VONA

CRMD_BRELVONAI – Item interlinkages – object interlinkage VONA

CRMD_BREL_PLNK_I – Time-Dependent Document Link: Item Attributes

CRMD_BREL_PNT_I – Product Relationships in Document: Item Attributes

CRMD_BREL_RSHP – Interlinkages Between CRM Application Objects

CRMD_BRFA_EVENT – Data for Calling Events in Actions

CRMD_BRFA_MSG – Assign Messages to Sub-Actions

CRMD_BRFA_MSGV – Message Variables (for Messages in Sub-Actions

CRMD_BRFA_STP – Set Data for Action Type Status

CRMD_BRF_EVAL_RL – Evaluated Rule Instance per Event Handler Time

CRMD_BRF_LOG – Log for Business Rule Framework (BRF)

CRMD_CANCEL – Business Transaction – Cancellation Set

CRMD_CANCEL_IR – Individual cancellation rule

CRMD_CASE_INDEX – Index Table for CRM Cases

CRMD_CCKPT_APREG – applications registration for the fact sheet personalisation


CRMD_CCM_LINK – Link from payment item to claim chargeback recovery in CRM

CRMD_CHM_CLASS – Dependency Partner Type/Status etc.

CRMD_CHM_PPR – The table to maintain the relationship partner and product

CRMD_CHNGPROC_I – Change Process Control Data

CRMD_CIC_CTI_H – CRM CIC: buffered CTI data: Header

CRMD_CIC_CTI_I – CRM CIC: buffered CTI data: items

CRMD_CIC_CTI_LOG – CRM CIC: log information of the data load from CTI

CRMD_CIC_PR_BW – CRM CIC Profiles list

CRMD_CIC_PR_LANG – CRM CIC Profiles list

CRMD_CIC_PR_TMP – CRM CIC Profiles list

CRMD_CIC_PR_TMPL – CRM CIC Profiles list

CRMD_CIC_SLA_BRL – CIC SLA: Object Relationship Service order/SLA object

CRMD_CIC_XML – Data in XML format

CRMD_CLIENT_CHAN_DIV_STRUC – Structure for Transfer Distribution Channel/Division to MSA

CRMD_CLIENT_CHAN_DIV_TXT_STRUC – Structure for Sales (DIV/CHAN) Attribute Texts to MSA

CRMD_CLIENT_COUNTRY_MRK_STRUC – Structure for Transfer: Country to MSA

CRMD_CLIENT_COUNTRY_STRUC – Structure for Transfer: Country to MSA

CRMD_CLIENT_OM_MARKETING_STRUC – Structure for Marketing Attributes to MSA

CRMD_CLIENT_OM_SALES_STRUC – Structure for Sales Attributes to MSA

CRMD_CLIENT_OM_SERVICE_STRUC – Structure for Service Attributes to MSA

CRMD_CLIENT_OM_STRUC – Structure for Org. Structure to MSA

CRMD_CLIENT_OM_TEXT_STRUC – Structure for Organizational Structure Texts in MSA

CRMD_CLIENT_PRODCAT_MRK_STRUC – Structure for Transfer: Country to MSA



CRMD_CLM_ACTUP – Action profile

CRMD_CLM_CLINHTC – Call list inheritance

CRMD_CLM_CMITREF – Campaign managment item references

CRMD_CLM_ISCRREF – IC Interactive Scripting References

CRMD_CLM_OMSTAT – Org. management objects statistics for call lists

CRMD_CLM_OS_REF – Worker table for object services integration

CRMD_CLM_REF_BTX – References to business transactions

CRMD_CLM_ROOTCL – Responsible user to root call list mapping

CRMD_CLM_ROOTCLO – Interaction center to root call list assignment

CRMD_CLM_SQCRAW – Search query raw conditions

CRMD_CLM_TASKINS – Call list management task instances

CRMD_CLM_TASKMC – Call list management task instances: method calls

CRMD_CLM_TROOT – Call list type to root call list mapping

CRMD_CLM_TSKHMC – Task Handler for Class Method Calls

CRMD_CL_BW_SALES – Structure for Sales Attributes to MSA

CRMD_CL_BW_SERVICE – Structure for Service Attributes to MSA

CRMD_CL_CHAN_DIV – Table for Transfer Distribution Channel/Division to MSA

CRMD_CL_CHAN_DIV_STRUC – Structure for Transfer Distribution Channel/Division to MSA

CRMD_CL_COUNTRY – Table for Transfer Distribution Channel/Division to MSA

CRMD_CL_COUNTRY_MRKTNG_STRUC – Structure for Transfer: Country to MSA

CRMD_CL_COUNTRY_STRUC – Structure for Transfer: Country to MSA

CRMD_CL_COUNT_MK – Table for Category Transfer to MSA

CRMD_CL_MRKTNG – Table for Marketing Attributes to MSA

CRMD_CL_OM – Table for Org. Structure to MSA

CRMD_CL_OM_CHAN_DIV_TEXT – Structure for DIV/CHAN Attribute Texts to MSA

CRMD_CL_OM_MARKETING_STRUC – Structure for Marketing Attributes to MSA

CRMD_CL_OM_SALES_STRUC – Structure for Sales Attributes to MSA

CRMD_CL_OM_SERVICE_STRUC – Structure for Service Attributes to MSA

CRMD_CL_OM_STRUC – Structure for Org. Structure to MSA

CRMD_CL_OM_TEXT – Texts for Organizational Structure to MSA

CRMD_CL_PRODCAT – Table for Category Transfer to MSA

CRMD_CL_PRODCAT_MRKTNG_STRUC – Structure for Category Transfer to MSA

CRMD_CL_RELAT – Relations

CRMD_CL_SALES – Table for Sales Attributes to MSA

CRMD_CL_SERVICE – Table for Service Attributes to MSA

CRMD_CL_TERR – Territories

CRMD_CL_TERR_STRUC – Territories

CRMD_CL_TEXT – Table for Org. Structure to MSA

CRMD_CMG_CASE_AT – CRM-Specific Case Attributes

CRMD_CMG_CASE_INCLUDE – Include for CRM-Specific Case Attributes(SAP, IBU and Cust.)

CRMD_CMG_CAT_LIS – Extended Attributes for Case Categories

CRMD_CM_TRANS – Table for Transporting BO Links to Documents

CRMD_COUNTER_H – Link Table Counter <-> Header

CRMD_COUNTER_I – Link Table Counter <-> Item

CRMD_COUNT_INDEX – Where used index table for Counters

CRMD_CO_HEADER – CO Account Assignment of Sales Transactions

CRMD_CO_ITEM – CO Account Assignment of Sales Items

CRMD_CPR_EX – Table for cProject data exchange between CRM and R/3


CRMD_CREI_FVDDT – Text Table of Filter Values for BAdI CRM_CREI_DD


CRMD_CREI_FVDECT – Text Table of Filter Values for BAdI CRM_CREI_DEC


CRMD_CREI_FVDEMT – Text Table of Filter Values for BAdI CRM_CREI_DEM


CRMD_CREI_FVDEST – Text Table of Filter Values for BAdI CRM_CREI_DES


CRMD_CREI_FVDETT – Text Table of Filter Values for BAdI CRM_CREI_DET


CRMD_CREI_FVRECT – Text Table of Filter Values for BAdI CRM_CREI_REC


CRMD_CREI_FVREHT – Text Table of Filter Values for BAdI CRM_CREI_RE_HDR


CRMD_CREI_FVRETT – Text Table of Filter Values for BAdI CRM_CREI_RET

CRMD_CSDR_ATTR – Value table for Design Registration attrtbutes.

CRMD_CSDR_INDEX – Index for design registration

CRMD_CSDR_OUTBND – Design Registration outbound data

CRMD_CUMULATED_I – Transaction Item – Cumulated Value

CRMD_CUSTOMER_H – Transaction – Customer Extension

CRMD_CUSTOMER_I – Transaction Item – Customer Extension

CRMD_DAMFRS_NW – DAM Friend Relationship Network

CRMD_DAMIRS_NW – DAM Inheritance Relationship Network

CRMD_DAM_ASSUS – Analysis: usage of assets for download, e-mail, burn cd/dvd

CRMD_DAM_ATT_ATT – CRM DAM Asset Type – Taxonomy related ATTributes

CRMD_DAM_BO_LINK – Links between Assets and Business Objects

CRMD_DAM_BS – auth check aspects of crm dam asset versions

CRMD_DAM_BS_CACH – CRM DAM browse search cache

CRMD_DAM_BS_CGRP – CRM DAM Browse search cache group

CRMD_DAM_BS_LPIO – loio phio relations redundnat storage for browse search



CRMD_DAM_CHR_REQ – CRM DAM CHR Mandatory Flag for class


CRMD_DAM_DELTAIO – List of changed IOs (LOIO / PHIO)

CRMD_DAM_DTYPE – DAM Document Types

CRMD_DAM_DTYPE_T – texts for DAM Document Types

CRMD_DAM_DT_ATT – DAM document type attributes

CRMD_DAM_DT_PAR – contains DAM doc type parameters for customizing

CRMD_DAM_DT_PROP – contains the DAM doc type properties for speed up purposes

CRMD_DAM_F_PROP – DAM File Properties

CRMD_DAM_LEVELS – Levels of Hierarchy Trees

CRMD_DAM_LI – CRM_DAM_LI_Legal Information for Digital Asset Management

CRMD_DAM_LINK – Document Link Table

CRMD_DAM_LI_EX_R – DAM: Data table for LI and LI-Extension Relations

CRMD_DAM_RM_UPD – DAM Repository Manager update table for instances.

CRMD_DAM_SAREA – Digital Asset Management Staging Area

CRMD_DAM_TAX – Hierarchy Trees of Document Attributes

CRMD_DAM_TAXTREE – DAM 5.0 migration crmd_dam_tree->CRMD_DAM_TAX

CRMD_DAM_TAX_T – Digital Asset Management: Texts for hierarchy trees

CRMD_DAM_TREE – Hierarchy Trees of Document Attributes

CRMD_DAM_TREE_T – Digital Asset Management: Texts for hierarchy trees

CRMD_DAM_UPLOAD – DAM: Log entries for Asset-Upload

CRMD_DAM_UPLOADF – DAM: Log entries for upload files in temp directory

CRMD_DOCEX_KEYS – Key for Document Transfer CRM <-> Mobile

CRMD_EI_BO_KBSDB – SAF: Knowledge sources for SDB

CRMD_EI_DOC – EI: Document table

CRMD_EI_DOC_CLU – EI: kb id – cluster id table

CRMD_EI_FEAT – EI: feature table

CRMD_EI_FEAT_CLT – stores feature cluster relationship

CRMD_EI_FEAT_CLU – EI: table to store feature cluster relationship

CRMD_EI_KB_SDB – SAF: Knowldge base entity for SDB

CRMD_EI_LANG_SAP – SAF: Knowldge base entity information for SAP data sources

CRMD_EI_LANG_SDB – SAF: Knowldge Base Entity for Solution Database

CRMD_EI_LE_ATT – EI – LE – Persistent Attributes of Learning Engines

CRMD_EI_LE_CORP – EI – LE – Table for Correlation Values

CRMD_EI_LE_CORPB – EI – LE – Table for Correlation Values

CRMD_EI_LE_CORS – EI – LE – Table for Correlation Values

CRMD_EI_LE_CORSB – EI – LE – Table for Correlation Values

CRMD_EI_LE_ESET – EI – LE – Entity Sets – Training Data for Learning

CRMD_EI_LOG_CMP – EI: Log for knowledge base compilation

CRMD_EI_LOG_GEN – SAF: Log for knowledge base generation

CRMD_EI_MY_ENT – SAF: Personalized knowledge entities

CRMD_EI_SOL_CART – EI: Persist user selected solution out of SDB

CRMD_EI_S_PSNL – SAF: Personalization

CRMD_ERMS_CAN_UP – Content Analysis – Synchronization Markers

CRMD_ERMS_CAT_OT – Coherent Cat – Object Types for Categorization Repository

CRMD_ERMS_CONTNT – E-Mail Content for Indexing Purposes

CRMD_ERMS_E21O – Link from E-Mail to one order object

CRMD_ERMS_E2CASE – Link from E-Mail to case object

CRMD_ERMS_EVENT – E-Mail event

CRMD_ERMS_EVENTT – E-Mail event text

CRMD_ERMS_HEADER – Statistical data header

CRMD_ERMS_MTCHCA – ERMS Matching Categories

CRMD_ERMS_MTCHRL – Matching Rules


CRMD_ERMS_PLVR – ERMS Policy Variant

CRMD_ERMS_PLVR_T – ERMS Policy Variant: Texts

CRMD_ERMS_PROF – ERMS Policy Variant Version

CRMD_ERMS_PROF_T – ERMS Policy Variant Version Text Table

CRMD_ERMS_RLACTF – Actions Fired From Rules

CRMD_ERMS_RLCN – ERMS Rule Container

CRMD_ERMS_RLCN_T – ERMS Rule Container

CRMD_ERMS_RLSNAP – Rule Snapshot for E-Mail Workbench

CRMD_ERMS_RLSNPT – Rule Snapshot for E-Mail Workbench



CRMD_ERMS_STAS_T – E-Mail status text

CRMD_ERMS_STATUS – E-Mail status

CRMD_ERMS_STEP – Statistical data step


CRMD_ESCAL – Service Response Time Schema

CRMD_ESCAL_REC – Response Time Profile – Service Agreement

CRMD_ESCAL_RECNO – Response Time Profile – Service Agreement

CRMD_ESCAL_T – Response Time Profile Texts

CRMD_ES_ACT_FUNC – Enable WEBCUIF Enterprise Search functions

CRMD_ES_ATTR – Node attributes

CRMD_ES_CLIENT – CRM ES modeling client

CRMD_ES_COMP – Holds software components holding templates

CRMD_ES_DELETED – Stores deleted templates for subsequent transport

CRMD_ES_FIELD_EX – Excluded fields for ES

CRMD_ES_KEYSTORE – Enterprise search Extraction temporary database

CRMD_ES_LOADMODE – Exceptions for load mode

CRMD_ES_LOGS – Stores logs per template

CRMD_ES_MAPSTR – Mapping fpr structures during extraction

CRMD_ES_PATHS – Node paths


CRMD_ES_TMPLHDR – Templates for ES

CRMD_ES_TMPLHDRT – Template Texts for ES

CRMD_ES_TMPLREL – Relations of templates for ES

CRMD_ES_TMPLSET – Template Set for ES

CRMD_ES_TMPLSETC – Components for Template Set

CRMD_ES_TMPLSETT – Template Set Text for ES

CRMD_EXT_BP_JOB – CRM MKT: Job Status During Business Partner Import

CRMD_EXT_REF – Additional External Reference Numbers Set

CRMD_FIMAP – Payment Schedule from FIMA

CRMD_FIMAPAYMENT – Payment Schedule from FIMA

CRMD_FINPROD_I – Transaction Item – Financing Product

CRMD_FLEX_COLROW – description for Flex table row or column

CRMD_FLEX_TITLES – titles for Flex table cells

CRMD_FSCA01AJ – EEW: Generated Object (Do Not Process Manually)

CRMD_FSCA02AE – EEW: Generated Object (Do Not Process Manually)

CRMD_FS_001A6 – EEW: Generated Object (Do Not Process Manually)

CRMD_FS_003A9 – EEW: Generated Object (Do Not Process Manually)

CRMD_FS_004AI – EEW: Generated Object (Do Not Process Manually)

CRMD_FS_005AC – EEW: Generated Object (Do Not Process Manually)

CRMD_FS_007AG – EEW: Generated Object (Do Not Process Manually)

CRMD_FS_010AD – EEW: Generated Object (Do Not Process Manually)

CRMD_FS_017A0 – EEW: Generated Object (Do Not Process Manually)

CRMD_FS_018A2 – EEW: Generated Object (Do Not Process Manually)

CRMD_FS_019A2 – EEW: Generated Object (Do Not Process Manually)

CRMD_FS_ATTR_FIN – Attributes for FS Financial Statement

CRMD_FS_C01AH – EEW: Generated Object (Do Not Process Manually)

CRMD_FS_C02AB – EEW: Generated Object (Do Not Process Manually)

CRMD_FS_C03AA – EEW: Generated Object (Do Not Process Manually)

CRMD_FS_INFO_CN – Parallel Processing Framework Conditions

CRMD_FS_INFO_HD – Floating Rates Header – Evaluation Information

CRMD_FS_INFO_IT – Floating Rates – Evaluation Information

CRMD_FS_PP_DEF – Parallel Processing Framework: Header Info for Mass Run

CRMD_GPM_ATT – Grantor Program Management Attributes

CRMD_GPM_ATT_E – GPM: Customer-specific Grantor Program Attributes (EEW)

CRMD_GPM_INTEG – GPM: Information about integration to other systems

CRMD_GPM_OBJREL – Grantor Program Object Classes/Types relationships

CRMD_GPM_OBJ_PPF – GPM: Persistent attributes of class CL_CRM_GPM_OBJECT_PPF

CRMD_GPM_PAR – Grantor Program Management Partners

CRMD_GPM_PCT – Grantor Program Process Control

CRMD_GRM_CASE – Case Relation

CRMD_IC_AM_ATR – attributes of out-of_box AM

CRMD_IC_AM_ATTR – Table for Alert Modeler Implementation Class

CRMD_IC_AM_ATTRT – Alert Modeler: Java Class Text Table

CRMD_IC_AM_PHS – Table: PlaceHolders of Alert Modeler

CRMD_IC_AM_PHST – Alert Modeler: PlaceHolder Text Table

CRMD_IC_AM_PRMS – table maintaining all parameters of alert modeler

CRMD_IC_AM_PRMT – Text Table:Alert Modeler Java Class Parameter

CRMD_IC_FAVCAT – Favorite Categories

CRMD_IC_FAVCATT – Favorite Category Text Table

CRMD_IC_FAVORS – Table for maintaining my Favorites

CRMD_IC_GPSCR – Table of Group Relation with Script

CRMD_IC_INIT – Table for initial Views and Actionbox IDs

CRMD_IC_ISECAT – Categories (Interactive Script Editor)

CRMD_IC_ISECATDS – Categories (Interactive Script Editor)

CRMD_IC_LABELS – Interactive Script labels

CRMD_IC_LBLDSC – Label descriptions (Interactive Script Editor)

CRMD_IC_MAILREC – ICWC Receiver Information for SAP Office Mail Recipients

CRMD_IC_NBPERS – Personalized Navigation Bar Profile Settings

CRMD_IC_SCRATTR – Script/Survey attributes (Interactive Script Editor)

CRMD_IC_SCRDSC – Interactive Script description

CRMD_IC_SCRGPT – Text table for script groups: change from tmp later

CRMD_IC_SCRGRP – Script Groups: Change from Tmp later

CRMD_IC_SCRUF – Interactive Scripting fields

CRMD_IC_SCRUFDSC – Interactive Scripting field description

CRMD_IC_SCRUFITD – Interactive Scripting field item descriptions

CRMD_IC_SCRUFITM – Interactive Scripting field possible values

CRMD_IC_XMLCOM – Component ID for XML storage for IC application


CRMD_IC_XMLSTORE – XML storage for IC applications

CRMD_IC_XMLSTORT – XML storage for IC applications

CRMD_IC_XMLSTORX – XML storage for IC applications

CRMD_IC_XMLSTRTX – XML storage for IC applications

CRMD_IC_XMLTEMP – Temporary table for keeping flag on converted data.

CRMD_IC_XPRASTAT – Table to maintain the XPRA migration status for components

CRMD_IL_DAMFRS_N – Friend Relationship Network (Do not use)

CRMD_IL_DAMIRS_N – Inheritance Relationship Network (Do not use)

CRMD_IL_DAMLIR_V – DAM: Data table for Relation validity of Legal Information

CRMD_IL_DAMPCR_N – Parent-Child Relation Network

CRMD_IL_DAM_HIS – Digital Asset Management Interlinkages History

CRMD_IM_DYN_ATTR_FILTER – Filter for dynamic attribute

CRMD_IM_ITEM_L – Personalized Mails: URL Extensions for CRMD_IM_ML_ITEM

CRMD_IM_LINK – Personalized Mails: ‘Tracking Enabled URLs’ with Attributes

CRMD_IM_LINK_T – Personalized Mails: Text Table for CRMD_IM_LINK

CRMD_IM_MAIL_SCREEN – Dialog Structure for Screen Fields in Mail Maintenance

CRMD_IM_MAIL_SEARCH – CRM Marketing: Locator Search Fields for Mail Forms

CRMD_IM_ML_COND – Structure for Maintenance of Conditions

CRMD_IM_ML_HEAD – Personalized Mails: Contact Tracking Outbound Table (Header)

CRMD_IM_ML_HEAD_DS – Dialog Structure of E-mail Header

CRMD_IM_ML_HEAD_DT – Document Table Structure for E-mail Header

CRMD_IM_ML_ITEM – Personalized Mails: Contact Tracking Outbound Table (Item)

CRMD_IM_ML_ITEM_DS – Dialog Structure of E-mail Item

CRMD_IM_ML_ITEM_DT – Document Table Structure for E-mail Item

CRMD_IM_ML_LIST – Fields for Mailing List

CRMD_IM_ML_LIST_H – Fields for Mailing-List Header

CRMD_IM_ML_SMART – Internet Marketing: Additional Mail Data

CRMD_IM_ML_SMART_DS – Internet Marketing: Dialog Structure for Addl Mail Data

CRMD_IM_ML_SMART_DT – Internet Marketing: Document Structure for Addl Mail Data

CRMD_IM_ML_TODO – Marketing Mails: Worklist

CRMD_IM_PICTURE – Web Screens in Mail Form

CRMD_IM_PICTURE_URL – Web Graphics and Their URL

CRMD_IM_TABLE_T – Texts for CRM Table in Mail Form

CRMD_INCOMP_INDX – Index Table: Incompleteness

CRMD_INTERAC_HIS – Interaction History for Web INteraction

CRMD_IPM_AVLQANS – IPM: Answer for a Question to Rights Availability Analysis

CRMD_IPM_AVLQIP – IPM: IPs for a Question to the Rights Availability Analysis

CRMD_IPM_AVLQRD – IPM: Rights Dimensions for Question to Rights Avail.Analysis

CRMD_IPM_AVLQRDC – IPM: Combinations of a Query With the Rights Avail.Analysis

CRMD_IPM_AVLQUST – IPM: Questions to Rights Availability Analysis

CRMD_IPM_AVLQU_T – IPM: Questions to Rights Availability Analysis – Texts

CRMD_IPM_BVAL – IPM BEA: Value Container

CRMD_IPM_ID_ATTR – IPM: Settings for Rights Dimension

CRMD_IPM_RCHAR – Rights Characteristics: Database Table

CRMD_IPM_RCTRL_I – Rights Control Data: Database Table

CRMD_ISA_SPL_H – Shopping Basket and Purchasing List Header Table

CRMD_ISA_SPL_I – Shopping Basket and Purchasing List Item Data

CRMD_ISMAM_BILL – IS-M/AM: Billing Doc. No. (Selection Method for Search Help)

CRMD_ISMAM_COA – IS-M/AM: Contract Number (Selection Method for Search Help)

CRMD_ISMSD_BILL – IS-M/SD: Billing Document (Sel. Method for Search Helps)

CRMD_ISMSD_CMPL – IS-M/SD: Complaint (Selection Method for Search Helps)

CRMD_ISMSD_ORDIT – IS-M/SD: Order Item (Selection Method for Search Helps)

CRMD_ISM_DOC_NO – IS-M/AM: Sales Document Number (Sel. Method for Search Help)

CRMD_IST_ITA3 – EEW: Generated Object (Do Not Process Manually)

CRMD_KPRO_DOCID – Structure for List of Document ID’s

CRMD_KW_DOC_GEN – Attributes for CRM Docs – Language-Independent/Single Value

CRMD_KW_PLM – Settings for Integrating PLM DMS in CRM CM

CRMD_KW_TEMPL – Tree Structure of KW Templates

CRMD_KW_TEMPLT – Text Table for Tree Structure of KW Templates


CRMD_LEAS_ACCR – LAM: Month-End Accruals Report Log File

CRMD_LINK – Transaction – Set – Link

CRMD_M1O_SRM_INX – Order Data Storage (MOM and SUS)

CRMD_M1O_SRM_WL – Worklist (Documents) for Supplier (SUS)

CRMD_M1O_SUP_CUR – Supplier Settings for Currencies

CRMD_M1O_SUP_LAN – Supplier Settings for Languages

CRMD_M1O_SUP_UOM – Supplier Settings for Units of Measure


CRMD_MAIL_RANGE – Range Structure for Mail Names

CRMD_MKTATTR_H – CRM Marketing: Attributes

CRMD_MKTATTR_L – CRM Marketing: Values for Attributes

CRMD_MKTATTR_L_T – CRM Marketing: Language-Dependent Texts for Attribute Values

CRMD_MKTATTR_SET – Header Data for Attribute Sets

CRMD_MKTATTR_T – CRM Marketing: Language-Dependent Texts for Attributes

CRMD_MKTBP_AUSP – Values Attached to Attributes (for Target Group Selection)

CRMD_MKTCA_BATCH – Breakpoints for Batch Operation in Campaign Automation

CRMD_MKTCA_CT_IN – Table for Inbound Entry

CRMD_MKTCA_DEBUG – Breakpoints for Batch Operation in Campaign Automation

CRMD_MKTCA_ETC_H – Header Table Connector

CRMD_MKTCA_ETL_H – Event Log For Event Triggered Campaigns

CRMD_MKTCA_NODES – Saves all Nodes in Process Model

CRMD_MKTCA_RELAT – Saves Predecessor/Successor Relationships Two Processes

CRMD_MKTCA_USOPT – User Settings Campaign Automation

CRMD_MKTGS_APP – Choose application and source structure for listing check

CRMD_MKTGS_APP_T – Listing application translations

CRMD_MKTGS_CIMAP – Mapping of client-independent fields to comm. structure

CRMD_MKTIMEX_HD – CRM-Marketing: IMEX header

CRMD_MKTIMEX_INF – CRM-Marketing: IMEX information

CRMD_MKTIMEX_IT – CRM-Marketing: IMEX item

CRMD_MKTIMEX_STR – CRM-Marketing: IMEX structure

CRMD_MKTISM_ATTR – Insights Management Attributes

CRMD_MKTISM_INDX – CRM ISM: reference tabel for keyword documents

CRMD_MKTISM_LINK – Links to Portal KM documents

CRMD_MKTISM_PAR – Partner assignments

CRMD_MKTISM_REL – Relationships

CRMD_MKTISM_TAX – Taxonomy classification of ISM objects

CRMD_MKTLIST_ACT – Staging – Import Activities

CRMD_MKTLIST_ADR – Staging – Import Partner – Address

CRMD_MKTLIST_ATR – Staging – Marketing Attributes

CRMD_MKTLIST_ATT – Staging – Marketing Attributes

CRMD_MKTLIST_BCI – Staging – Import BP/Campaign Identification

CRMD_MKTLIST_C – Staging – Import Partner

CRMD_MKTLIST_CEN – Staging – Import Partner – Organisation – Contact Person

CRMD_MKTLIST_CLR – Staging – Cleansing cases

CRMD_MKTLIST_COD – Code blocks for mapping tool

CRMD_MKTLIST_CUS – External List – Customer Enhancements

CRMD_MKTLIST_E – Import Partner List – Error Code

CRMD_MKTLIST_H – External List – Header

CRMD_MKTLIST_I – External List – Business Partner – Assignment

CRMD_MKTLIST_L – ELM Package – List – Assignment

CRMD_MKTLIST_LEA – Staging – Import Leads

CRMD_MKTLIST_MAP – CRM Marketing :ELM Mapping table

CRMD_MKTLIST_MAT – Mapping table – Marketing Attributes

CRMD_MKTLIST_OF – Mapping format basic data

CRMD_MKTLIST_OFT – Text Table to hold description of the Mapping Format

CRMD_MKTLIST_ORG – Staging – Import Partner – Organisation

CRMD_MKTLIST_PER – Staging – Import Partner – Person


CRMD_MKTLIST_S – ELM Package – Process Steps

CRMD_MKTLIST_SUV – Staging – Import Survey

CRMD_MKTLIST_SVY – CRM Marketing: Mapping Tool -Mapping Survey Fields

CRMD_MKTLIST_T – External List – Texts

CRMD_MKTMSA_CH1 – Double entries in SMOAUSP, entries without AUSP record

CRMD_MKTMSA_CH2 – SMOAUSP records without SMOKSSK or AUSP record

CRMD_MKTMSA_CH3 – Ausp records without KSSK entry


CRMD_MKTMSA_CH5 – Differences KSSK and AUSP

CRMD_MKTMSA_CH6 – SMOKSSK record missing in KSSK

CRMD_MKTMSA_CH7 – Duplicate Records in SMOKSSK

CRMD_MKTOBJ_VAL – CRM Marketing: Attribute Characteristics of an Object

CRMD_MKTOBJ_VALS – CRM Marketing: Copy of CRMT_MKTOBJ_VAL (Change Documents)

CRMD_MKTPL_AL00 – Allocation Header

CRMD_MKTPL_AL01 – Allocation Data: Product Assignments

CRMD_MKTPL_AL02 – Allocation List

CRMD_MKTPL_AL03 – Allocation Data

CRMD_MKTPL_BDINC – Marketing Planner: Additional fields for the Basic Data Tab

CRMD_MKTPL_BPATD – Table containing the detailed periods of the Buying pattern

CRMD_MKTPL_BPATH – Table containing the Header of the Buying pattern

CRMD_MKTPL_BTYTX – Table containing the texts of the Buying pattern type

CRMD_MKTPL_BWINF – Information on Connected BW System

CRMD_MKTPL_BYPAD – Table containing the detailed periods of the Buying pattern

CRMD_MKTPL_BYPAH – Table containing the Header of the Buying pattern

CRMD_MKTPL_CAT_T – Product Short Text

CRMD_MKTPL_CDATA – Customer default campaign data (contains no data)

CRMD_MKTPL_CDATD – Customer default Start/End dates

CRMD_MKTPL_CDATE – Customer default Start/End dates

CRMD_MKTPL_CDATH – Customer default campaign data

CRMD_MKTPL_CEVT – Customer Event

CRMD_MKTPL_CEVTH – Customer Event

CRMD_MKTPL_CEVTT – Customer event text

CRMD_MKTPL_CEVTX – Customer event text

CRMD_MKTPL_CHINC – Marketing Planner: Additional fields for the Channel Tab

CRMD_MKTPL_CNINC – Marketing Planner: Additional fields for the Coupon Tab

CRMD_MKTPL_CONCT – Marketing Planner: Assignment of Connection to Ext. Applic.

CRMD_MKTPL_COST – Cost assignment table

CRMD_MKTPL_COSTA – Trade Spend Assignments table

CRMD_MKTPL_COUP – Coupon assignment attributes

CRMD_MKTPL_CPTM – Campaign templates assigned to program

CRMD_MKTPL_CPTMP – Campaign templates assigned to program

CRMD_MKTPL_CSTKP – KPI Cost assignments

CRMD_MKTPL_CTYPE_DESC – Structure for Campaign type F4

CRMD_MKTPL_DATE – Additional date ranges for marketing object

CRMD_MKTPL_DAY1_DESC – Description of days of the week

CRMD_MKTPL_DHEAD – Header for customer defaults transaction

CRMD_MKTPL_DRES – Value Distribution for Hierarchy Nodes

CRMD_MKTPL_DSEL – Value Distribution for Hierarchy Nodes

CRMD_MKTPL_FUND – Fund specific attributes

CRMD_MKTPL_GD3PT – Marketing Element to be processed for 3rd party

CRMD_MKTPL_OBJ – CRM Marketing – Persistency table for proxy class

CRMD_MKTPL_OFR – Offer Code Related Data for Coupon Assignment

CRMD_MKTPL_OPER – Operations in Marketing Programs

CRMD_MKTPL_PAG – CRM marketing: partner authorization groups

CRMD_MKTPL_PAGLH – Partner Auth. Group: ACE Generation Log Header

CRMD_MKTPL_PAGLI – Partner Auth. Group: ACE Generation Log Item

CRMD_MKTPL_PAR – Assignment Partner Set in Marketing Planning

CRMD_MKTPL_PRCAT – Assignment of Product Catalog in Marketing Planning

CRMD_MKTPL_PROD – Assignment of Product in Marketing Planning

CRMD_MKTPL_PROD_D – Assignment of Product Marketing Planning + Attributes

CRMD_MKTPL_PROD_F4_S – Dialog Structure for Product F4 Help

CRMD_MKTPL_PROD_T – Product Short Text

CRMD_MKTPL_PROG – Program specific attributes


CRMD_MKTPL_QUVAL – CAL: Query Search Field Values

CRMD_MKTPL_RECUR – Campaign Automation: Execution Times for Recurring Campaigs

CRMD_MKTPL_REF_DATE_DESC – Structure for Reference Date

CRMD_MKTPL_RELTY – CRM Marketing Planning – Relatnshp Category for Target Group

CRMD_MKTPL_RFCST – Marketing Planning: Status of RFC Connections to BW and SEM

CRMD_MKTPL_SCHED – Campaign Automation: Scheduler Assignment

CRMD_MKTPL_SEDEF – Customer Segment Default

CRMD_MKTPL_SHCUT – CRM Marketing Planning – Campaign Code

CRMD_MKTPL_SPND – Marketing spend assignment attributes

CRMD_MKTPL_TGGRP – Assignment of Target Group in Marketing Planner

CRMD_MKTPL_TMPL – Transaction Templates for Marketing Element

CRMD_MKTPL_UNIT_DESC – Structure for Unit of duration F4

CRMD_MKTPR_AR_R – Target-Product Grouping-Product-Assignment

CRMD_MKTPR_AR_S – Source-Product Grouping-Product-Assignment-Rule

CRMD_MKTPR_BWMON – CRM Marketing: BW Process Information for Monitoring

CRMD_MKTRU_BE_H – Branching Element of Campaign Process Model (Header)

CRMD_MKTRU_BE_R – Branching Element for a Campaign Process Model (Rules)

CRMD_MKTRU_BE_T – Branching Element of a Campaign Process Model (Short Text)

CRMD_MKTRU_RU_H – Rule (Header)

CRMD_MKTRU_RU_I – Rule (Instructions)

CRMD_MKTRU_SVY – Assignment Business Partner / Surveys

CRMD_MKTSCREEN – CRM Marketing: Screen Control

CRMD_MKTSC_ACIDX – CRM Scenario Planning Archive Index Table for Scenario Sets

CRMD_MKTSC_ACLOG – Scenario Planning: Action Log

CRMD_MKTSC_FAV – Favorite Scenario Sets

CRMD_MKTSC_OPT – User options

CRMD_MKTSC_SCN_H – Scenario Planning: Scenario Header

CRMD_MKTSC_SCN_T – Scenario Planning: Scenario Text

CRMD_MKTSC_SCO_I – Scenario Planning: Scope Item

CRMD_MKTSC_WKS_H – Scenario Planning: Scenario Set Header

CRMD_MKTSC_WKS_T – Scenario Planning: Scenario Set Texts

CRMD_MKTSC_WL – Worklist entries

CRMD_MKTSET_H – CRM Marketing: Attribute Sets

CRMD_MKTSET_L – CRM Marketing: Attributes from Attribute Set

CRMD_MKTSET_OBJ – CRM Marketing: Assignment Object to Attribute Set

CRMD_MKTSET_T – CRM Marketing: Language-Dependent Texts for Attribute Sets

CRMD_MKTSTATUSTG – Status Check on Target Groups to be Transferred

CRMD_MKTTGBP – CRM Marketing: Target Groups – Business Partner Assignment

CRMD_MKTTGBP_H – CRM Marketing: Header Data for List of Business Partners

CRMD_MKTTGBP_I – CRM Marketing: List of Business Partners

CRMD_MKTTGBP_T – CRM Marketing: Texts for List of Business Partners

CRMD_MKTTGGRP – CRM Marketing: Target Group

CRMD_MKTTGGRP_EA – CRM Marketing: External Attributes of Target Group

CRMD_MKTTGGRP_PR – CRM Marketing: Target Group Selection Via Profiles

CRMD_MKTTGGRP_PT – CRM Marketing: T/Grp Selection – Profile Template/Attributes

CRMD_MKTTGGRP_T – CRM Marketing: Target Group Texts

CRMD_MKTTGGRP_TG – CRM Marketing: Target Group Selection Via Target Groups

CRMD_MKTTGGRP_US – CRM Marketing: Usage Category for Target Group

CRMD_MKTTG_DL_AB – CRM Marketing: Header Table – Business Rules Supplied by SAP

CRMD_MKTTG_DL_AH – CRM Marketing: Header Table of SAP-Delivered Attributes

CRMD_MKTTG_DL_AT – CRM Marketing: Text Table of Attributes Supplied by SAP

CRMD_MKTTG_DL_BR – CRM Mktg: Header Table of Business Rules Supplied by SAP

CRMD_MKTTG_DL_DH – CRM Mktg: Header Table of Data Sources Supplied by SAP

CRMD_MKTTG_DL_DT – CRM Marketing: Text Table of Data Sources Supplied by SAP

CRMD_MKTTG_DL_FH – CRM Marketing: Header Table of Filters Supplied by SAP

CRMD_MKTTG_DL_FT – CRM Marketing: Text Table of Filters Supplied by SAP

CRMD_MKTTG_DTY – CRM Marketing: System Table for Display Types

CRMD_MKTTG_DTY_T – CRM Marketing: System Table Texts Display Types

CRMD_MKTTG_FAV – CRM Marketing: Favorites

CRMD_MKTTG_JOB – CRM Marketing: Job Run – Target Group Provision

CRMD_MKTTG_MGR_F – CRM Marketing: Favorites Table for Master Groups

CRMD_MKTTG_PERS – CRM Mktg: Personalization Parameters for Segment Builder

CRMD_MKTTG_PFRLT – CRM Marketing: Profile Criteria Relationship Texts

CRMD_MKTTG_PF_H – CRM Marketing: Profile

CRMD_MKTTG_PF_RL – CRM Marketing: Profile Criteria Relationships

CRMD_MKTTG_PF_S – CRM Marketing: Selection Criterion of a Profile

CRMD_MKTTG_PF_SR – CRM Marketing: Business Rule

CRMD_MKTTG_PF_ST – CRM Marketing: Selection Criterion of a Profile Text Table

CRMD_MKTTG_PF_T – CRM Marketing: Profile Text Table

CRMD_MKTTG_SA – CRM Marketing: Selection Attribute

CRMD_MKTTG_SACBR – CRM-MKT: Business Rules for a SA-Cache


CRMD_MKTTG_SAC_F – CRM-MKT: Filter Data for a SAC-Object

CRMD_MKTTG_SAC_H – CRM Marketing: Cache for Selection Attribute Distribution

CRMD_MKTTG_SAC_I – CRM Marketing: Cache Items for Selection Attribute Distrbtn

CRMD_MKTTG_SAF – CRM Marketing: Selection Attribute Filter

CRMD_MKTTG_SAF_T – CRM Marketing: Selection Attribute Filter Texts

CRMD_MKTTG_SAL – CRM Marketing: Selection Attribute List

CRMD_MKTTG_SALDS – CRM Marketing: Sel.Attribute List Assignment of Data Sources

CRMD_MKTTG_SAL_F – CRM Marketing: Attribute List – Favorites

CRMD_MKTTG_SAL_T – CRM Marketing: Selection Attribute List Texts

CRMD_MKTTG_SA_BR – CRM Marketing: Business Rule

CRMD_MKTTG_SA_BT – CRM Marketing: Filter Conditions Texts

CRMD_MKTTG_SA_T – CRM Marketing: Selection Attribute Texts

CRMD_MKTTG_SDS – CRM Marketing: Data Source for Target Group Selection

CRMD_MKTTG_SDS_T – CRM Marketing: Texts of a Data Source

CRMD_MKTTG_SET_H – CRM Marketing: Profile Set

CRMD_MKTTG_SET_M – CRM Marketing: Additional Data for Master Groups

CRMD_MKTTG_SET_S – CRM Marketing: Sample Optimization for Master Groups

CRMD_MKTTG_SET_T – CRM Marketing: Profile Set Text Table

CRMD_MKTTG_SMP_T – CRM Marketing: Target Group Text

CRMD_MKTTG_SO – CRM Marketing: System Table Selection Options

CRMD_MKTTG_SO_T – CRM Marketing: System Table Texts Selection Options

CRMD_MKTTG_TG_EA – CRM Marketing: External Attributes of Target Group

CRMD_MKTTG_TG_H – TG Exchange: Target Group Header

CRMD_MKTTG_TG_I – TG Exchange: Target Group Item (BP Info)

CRMD_MKTTG_TG_I0 – CRM Marketing: Target Group Items

CRMD_MKTTG_TG_I1 – CRM Marketing: Target Group Items

CRMD_MKTTG_TG_I2 – TG Exchange: Target Group Item (Product Info)

CRMD_MKTTG_TG_I3 – CRM Marketing: Target Group Items

CRMD_MKTTG_TG_I4 – CRM Marketing: Target Group Items

CRMD_MKTTG_TG_I5 – CRM Marketing: Target Group Items

CRMD_MKTTG_TG_M – Additional Data for Samples – Changed Target Groups

CRMD_MKTTG_TG_O – CRM Marketing: Segmentation: Objects for Business Partner

CRMD_MKTTG_TG_S – CRM Marketing: Selection Criterion of a Profile

CRMD_MKTTG_TG_T – TG Exchange: Target Group Text

CRMD_MKTTG_T_ACT – CRM Marketing: Mapping of 1-n Relationships for BP

CRMD_MKTTG_T_IOB – CRM Marketing: Test Data for Ind. Objects

CRMD_MKTTOPNP_H – CRM Marketing: Top n Products – Header Information

CRMD_MKTTOPNP_HP – CRM Marketing: Permanent Top n Products – Header Information

CRMD_MKTTOPNP_I – CRM Marketing: Top n Products – Items

CRMD_MKTTOPNP_IP – CRM Marketing: Permanent Top n Products – Items




CRMD_MKT_MAREO_R – MAREO Forecast Results

CRMD_MKT_MAREO_T – MAREO Short Texts & Documentation


CRMD_MKT_PROC_H – Table for Generating Business Transactions from GUI

CRMD_MKT_PROC_IG – Item Table for CRMD_MKT_PROC_H (Target Groups)

CRMD_MKT_PROC_IP – Item Table for CRMD_MKT_PROC_H (Products)

CRMD_MKT_PROC_T – CRM Marketing: Job ID Text Table

CRMD_MPK_MPOINT – Measuring Point

CRMD_MPK_READING – Reading of the Measuring Point

CRMD_MPK_SAMPLEM – Additional Measuring Point Data for Sample Application

CRMD_MPK_SAMPLER – Additional Reading Data for Sample Application

CRMD_OBJREF_REL – Obj. Relationships bet. CRM Appln. Objects and other Objects

CRMD_OPPORT_H – Opportunity

CRMD_OPP_LINK – Interlinkages between Opportunities (Master/Sub)

CRMD_ORDERADM_H – Business Transaction

CRMD_ORDERADM_I – Business Transaction Item

CRMD_ORDER_INDEX – Index table for one-order document

CRMD_ORDPRP_I – Business Transaction Item – Product List

CRMD_ORGMAN – Organizational Unit Set

CRMD_OUTPUT_DOC – CRM Order: Table with Reference to Application Document


CRMD_PDA_PROF – Profile parameters for PDA

CRMD_PERF_TMP1 – Execution Times

CRMD_PERMISSIONS – Administration Table for Change Authorization

CRMD_PERS_LIST – Generic Storage for Personalization Data

CRMD_POOL_MEMBER – CRM BP Assign BP Pool <-> Pool Member

CRMD_PRICING – Business Transaction Pricing Parameter Set

CRMD_PRICING_I – Transaction Item Price

CRMD_PROC_COMP – Process components

CRMD_PROC_COMP_T – Process components text table

CRMD_PRODUCT_I – Transaction Item – Product

CRMD_PSL_PRP_REL – Relationship: Prod. Service Letter and Partner/Prod. Range

CRMD_QUALIF – Qualification Requirement Set

CRMD_READING_H – Counter Item Link Table

CRMD_READING_I – Counter Item Link Table

CRMD_RF_TRACEDB – Test Queries for FS

CRMD_RF_TRACEDBW – Where clauses

CRMD_RGRP_SCREEN – Screen Control for Routing Group for Business Routing

CRMD_RMA_INDEX – Index Table for RMA

CRMD_ROUT_GRP – Routing group for business routing

CRMD_ROUT_GRP_BP – Routing groups – business partner assignment for b routing

CRMD_ROUT_GRP_EA – External Attributes of Routing Group for Business Routing

CRMD_ROUT_GRP_PR – Routing Group Selection Via Profiles for Business Routing

CRMD_ROUT_GRP_PT – Routing Group Selection – Profile Template / Attribut (BR)

CRMD_ROUT_GRP_RG – Routing Group Selection Via Routing Groups for BR

CRMD_ROUT_GRP_T – Routing group texts for business routing

CRMD_ROUT_GRP_US – Usage Category for Routing Group for Business Routing

CRMD_SAF_BOR – bol-bor information for saf search and knowledge service

CRMD_SAF_DT_SUB – SAF: Check subscribers for diagnosis tool

CRMD_SAF_KB_STAT – SAF: Knowledge entity access statistics

CRMD_SAF_LK – SAF – Link header

CRMD_SAF_LK_SRC – SAF – Node source

CRMD_SAF_LK_T – SAF – Link header text descriptions

CRMD_SAF_ND – SAF – Node header

CRMD_SAF_ND_SRC – SAF – Node source

CRMD_SAF_ND_T – SAF – Node header text descriptions

CRMD_SAF_SMETHOD – Trex language and search method relation

CRMD_SALES – Business Transaction – Sales Set

CRMD_SCE_IBCSTIC – Conversion Table for Internal Char. Number – Char. Name

CRMD_SCE_IBKB – Conversion Table for Knowledge Base ID – KB Name and Version

CRMD_SCHEDLIN – Business Transaction Item – Schedule Line

CRMD_SDL_SYST – Control of Scheduling Table (System Default)

CRMD_SERVICE_H – Service Process

CRMD_SERVICE_I – Transaction Item – Service

CRMD_SERWI – Service Availability Profile

CRMD_SERWI_T – Availability Time Texts

CRMD_SHIPPING – Business Transaction – Shipping Set


CRMD_SHORTCUT_T – CRM Shortcut Texts

CRMD_SRVPLAN_I – Service Plan Item – Service Cycle Interval

CRMD_SRVPLAN_IE – Service Plan Item – Service Cycle

CRMD_SRV_DEMAND – Transaction Item – Service – Resource Requirement

CRMD_SRV_OSSET – Subject Reference Object

CRMD_SRV_RANGE – Reference Object Area

CRMD_SRV_REFOBJ – Reference Object


CRMD_STAMPTAX_L2 – Stamp Duty for Australia – Calculation Log Table

CRMD_STAMPTAX_LG – Stamp Duty for Australia – Calculation Log Table

CRMD_STOCK – Rough stock information

CRMD_STRUCT_CODE – Customer-Specific Codes

CRMD_STRUCT_I – Item Data Structure Information

CRMD_SUP_HP_BAL – CRM SUS: Supplier Homepage: Company Balance

CRMD_SUP_HP_COMP – CRM SUS: Supplier Homepage: Company Data

CRMD_SUP_HP_KW – CRM SUS: Supplier Homepage: Keywords

CRMD_SUP_HP_LINK – CRM SUS: Supplier Homepage: Hyperlinks

CRMD_SUP_HP_REF – CRM SUS: Supplier Homepage: Projects/References

CRMD_SUP_HP_STAF – CRM SUS: Supplier Homepage: Employee Development

CRMD_SUP_HP_TEXT – CRM SUS – Supplier Homepage: Long Texts

CRMD_SUP_HP_TO – CRM SUS: Supplier Homepage: Turnover

CRMD_SURVEY – Business Transaction – Survey Valuation Set

CRMD_TERRMSA_UPD – Territory Management:Update Information for MSA

CRMD_TEST_CONDV – Test Table for Simulation of Condition Determination

CRMD_TIMEREP – Transaction – Time Reporting for Industry Add-On

CRMD_TM_ACTIVITY – Activity reference

CRMD_TM_ASGN_COL – Assignment folders

CRMD_TM_ASSIGN – Call List Assignments

CRMD_TM_BP – Business partner reference

CRMD_TM_CL – Call lists

CRMD_TM_CLSTAT – Call list statistics

CRMD_TM_CL_CMPGN – Business context information: campaign, scripts

CRMD_TM_CMPG – Campaign references

CRMD_TM_CMPG_TSK – Campaign task references

CRMD_TM_DCS_TREE – CRM: Telemarketing Scripting Decision Tree



CRMD_TM_IACT_BP – Business context information: one order and business partner

CRMD_TM_KEY – Key-Value Registry


CRMD_TM_NODE – CRM: Telemarketing Scripting Node

CRMD_TM_NODE_CAT – The catogrization of node

CRMD_TM_NODE_T – CRM: Telemarketing Scripting Node – Description

CRMD_TM_NS_GENRC – Generic namespace folders

CRMD_TM_OPTION_T – CRM: Telemarketing Option text

CRMD_TM_ORGMGMT – Organizational management object references

CRMD_TM_POBJECT – Persistent objects

CRMD_TM_PORGMT – Organization Management Object Profiles

CRMD_TM_PO_CONT – Persistent Heterogenious Container

CRMD_TM_PO_LINK – Persistent object link (from->to)

CRMD_TM_PRODCAT – Product Catalog References

CRMD_TM_PUSERT – User Profiles

CRMD_TM_SCR_HEAD – CRM: Telemarketing Scripting History HEAD

CRMD_TM_SCR_HIST – CRM: Telemarketing Scripting History HEAD

CRMD_TM_SQ – Search Query Header

CRMD_TM_SQCH – Search Query Conditions Header

CRMD_TM_SQCV – Search Query Conditions Values

CRMD_TM_SQT – Search Query Texts

CRMD_TM_TREE – CRM: Telemarketing Scripting Tree

CRMD_TM_TREE_LCK – CRM Interactive Scripting (for locking only).

CRMD_TM_TREE_T – CRM: Telemarketing Scripting Tree Text

CRMD_TSS_DTRACK – TSS Tracking of Documents: DB Table for Tracking Records

CRMD_TSS_EVENTS – TSS Analysis: Database Table storing TSS Events for BW

CRMD_UBB_CNTINFO – UBB Counter Information (Additional Data)

CRMD_UBB_CR_I – Credit Overview

CRMD_UBB_CR_I_C – Credit Overview: Usage

CRMD_UBB_CTR_I – UBB Contract Renewal DB Object

CRMD_UBB_HDPER_I – UBB: Item Extension: Downtimes

CRMD_UBB_NOTIF_H – Notifications

CRMD_UBB_POOLCHG – Temp. Table for Adjusting Contracts Assigned to Periods

CRMD_UBB_POOLDIA – Temporary Storage of Pool Assignment for Async. Redist.

CRMD_UBB_POOLDIS – Temporary Storage of Pool Billing for Async. Redist.

CRMD_UBB_POOLDIT – Main Index for Async. Pool Redistribution

CRMD_UBB_RDINFO – UBB Reading Information (Additional Data)

CRMD_UBB_RD_CRED – Credit Clipboard for Incorrect Readings

CRMD_UBB_STG_I – UBB: Service Type GUIDs for LAE

CRMD_UBB_VOL_I – UBB Vol_i DB Objects

CRMD_UIF_SNOTE – Transparent Table Note for Flight

CRMD_UIF_SYSINDX – System Table INDX for CRM UI Framework

CRMD_WEBREQ_CONT – Web Requests: Table for Document Content (Import/Export)

CRMD_WEBR_INDEX – Index Table for Order – Web Request

CRMD_WFMOD_ACTIO – to be deleted – temp information about action for a workflow

CRMD_WFMOD_FOLDE – to be deleted – folder hierarchy for the wf modeler

CRMD_WFMOD_FROLE – to be deleted – Manage the link between a Folder and a role

CRMD_WFMOD_ROLE – to be deleted – Modeler: link workflow to a role

CRMD_WFMOD_USER – to be deleted – User specific workflows

CRMD_WFMOD_WKFL – to be deleted – Templates and components for the wf modeler

CRMD_WR_BRF_AC1 – Database Table for Actions in Setting Web Request Fields

CRMD_WR_BRF_EXP – Database Table for Created Web Request Expressions

CRMD_WR_BRF_MSG1 – Assign Web Request Messages to Sub-Actions

CRMD_WR_BRF_MSG2 – Web Request Variables (for Messages in Sub-Actions)

CRMD_WR_BRF_MSG3 – Literals as Web Request Message Variables

CRMD_WR_HEADER – Administration Data for Web Request (XML)

CRMD_WR_HEADER_T – Text Table for Administration Data of a Web Request (XML)

CRMD_WSARISOBJ_T – Mapping of ARIS objects to UI objects with subtypes

CRMD_WST_COMPSET – Component Set Enabling for Open Service Tool

CRMD_WS_ARIS_MAP – Mapping of ARIS objects to UI objects with subtypes

CRMD_WS_ARIS_OBJ – Mapping of ARIS objects to UI objects with subtypes

CRMD_WS_ATRFIL_A – BOL relation filter table for webservice tool(auto. filter)

CRMD_WS_ATRFIL_M – BOL relation filter table for webservice tool(manual filter)

CRMD_WS_METHODS – BOL Metadata Storage for Open Service Tool

CRMD_WS_OBJECTS – List of UI objects enabled for webservices

CRMD_WS_OBJT – BOL Object Descriptions

CRMD_WS_OBJ_REL – BOL Object Relations

CRMD_WS_OBJ_RELT – BOL Object Relations Descriptions.

CRMD_WS_RELFIL_A – BOL relation filter table for webservice tool(auto. filter)

HCRMD_WS_RELFIL_M – BOL relation filter table for webservice tool(manual filter)

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