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This book focuses on the new object-oriented generation of SAP's ABAP programming language. Written in and approved by SAP's ABAP language group, the book also carries two CDs containing a FULLY-OPERATIONAL SAP BASIS SYSTEM.

Includes Mini SAP 6.10

This book represents the first complete and systematic language reference book for ABAP Objects. Organized according to subject areas, the book offers a description of all statements used for developing programs and classes in ABAP and ABAP Objects (including the current release, 6.20). Therefore, not only will you quickly find explanations and examples of the command you are looking for, you will also get a complete overview of all relevant contexts of use. Changes introduced between releases 6.10 and 6.20 are highlighted. Each subject area starts with an introduction to the concepts associated with it. Notes on possible error messages and practical recommendations make this an extremely useful manual, further enhanced with a detailed glossary covering all the key terms used in the book.

This new and fully updated edition of the definitive guide to ABAP/4 aims to make the fundamentals of this evolving programming language accessible to anybody developing or maintaining an SAP R/3 system. Starting with the basic principles, it explains the essential characteristics of ABAP/4 and the SAP programming concept.
(13 December, 2000)

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