SAP configuration material available for download

There are many areas of SAP other than ABAP development which require just as much knowledge and experience. These include areas such as basis and configuration. SAP configuration is such a big area that consultants tend to specialize in specific areas such as HR, FICO, MM, PM etc� As and ABAPer it is useful to have a basic working knowledge of each of these areas. You will probably even build up good knowledge in a few of them that you are working with more often. Even so it is not something I can provide too much specific expert help on.

Luckily there is some excellent configuration material available from Simple ERP Training. This provides information and easy to follow step by step guides on how to configure your SAP in whatever area you are interested in. It's kind of like having an SAP configuration expert at your side at all times. These guides are very popular, contain lots of information on each area and have received recommendations from highly regarded people in the SAP industry.

If you want to find out more check out the links below for each SAP area: SAP Configuration

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