SAP Table X001 stores Derived Company Code Additional Datadata


In this post, I will try and describe everything you need to know about the SAP x001 table. What it is, including what type of data it stores.

A list of fields which make up the table structure and on an S/4Hana System for X001 what does this table look like.

And what relationships it has with other SAP tables.

Also see here for example ABAP code to select data from X001....Right lets get started!

SAP X001 dictionary attributes

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Object Name: X001
Dictionary Type: Structure
Description: Derived Company Code Additional Data

X001 field list

Field Data Element Data Type length (Dec) Check table Description Conversion Routine Domain Name MemoryID AppClass SHLP SHLP Field ConvExit
BASW2CURSRCHAR1(0) Source Currency for Currency TranslationCURSR
BASW3CURSRCHAR1(0) Source Currency for Currency TranslationCURSR
HWAE2HWAE2CUKY5(0) *Currency Key of Second Local CurrencyWAERS
HWAE3HWAE3CUKY5(0) *Currency Key of Third Local CurrencyWAERS
UMRD2UMRD2CHAR1(0) Translation Date Type for Second Local CurrencyCURDT
UMRD3UMRD3CHAR1(0) Translation Date Type for Third Local CurrencyCURDT
CURT2CURT2CHAR2(0) Currency Type of Second Local CurrencyCURTP
CURT3CURT3CHAR2(0) Currency Type of Third Local CurrencyCURTP

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