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A000 - Condition Table for Pricing $
A001 - Not Used in Standard
A002 - Country/Customer Classification/Material Classification
A003 - Tax Classification
A004 - Material
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B000 - $ Sample Table for output control
B001 - Sales Organization/Customer Number
B002 - Sales Organization/Sales Activity Type
B005 - Sales Organization/Order Type
B006 - SOrg./Distrib.Ch/Division/Customer
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C000 - Condition Table for Acct.Determination: $
C001 - Cust.Grp/MaterialGrp/AcctKey
C002 - Cust.Grp/Account Key
C003 - Material Grp/Acct Key
C004 - General
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D000 - Condition Table for Material Determination $
D000YY - DM Screen Fields for Many Screens, Set in YY Routines
D0100 - Help Structure for Batch Input Processing
D010B - Generated Table for View
D010BADI_SPOT - Generated Table for View
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E000 - Condition Table for Rebate $
E001 - Company Code Currencies for Archiv.Classes ARCT001
E001_DOCNR - Company Code Currencies for Archivg Class ARCT001 plus File
E001_FILE - Company Code Currencies for Archivg Class ARCT001 plus File
E070 - Transport system: Headers of requests/tasks
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F000 - Condition Table for Secondary Indexes $
F0160 - Control structure for IT 0160 subtype 0002 (IT)
F05ACTRL - Control Fields for SAPMF05A and Subprograms
F0MMIM_MATSTVAL - Generated Table for View
F100FILE - Extract from the SAPF100 Evaluation
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G000 - Condition Table for Material Listing/Exclusion $
GACN_STRUCTURE - Golden Audit China DMEE interface
GANLC - Base value determination value fields
GAPCLUST - Cluster for Distributed Data Use
GB01 - Classes for Boolean Formulas
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H000 - Condition Table for Batch Search Strategy $
H01_HANDICAP - Selection Structure for H01_HANDICAP
H0332 - Structure of length 332
H1000 - Structure of length 1000 (5 x 200 type C fields)
H1_USR10 - Generated Table for View
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I000 - Conditions for certificate profile
I0022 - Education
I0023 - Former Employer
I0024 - Qualifijationen (für Internetszenario)
I015W1_PAR - Parameter Structure for Internal Use
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J11DABE1 - TR-EDT: Transfer of Flow Data
J11SDA1 - Send Structure for TR-EDT Receiever Structure JBIUDA1
J11SDAB - Send Structure for TR-EDT Receiver Structure JBIUDAB
J11SPA1 - Send Structure for TR-EDT Receiver Structure JBIUPA1
J11TRDSVV - RF-VV R/2 Loans: Master Data
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K002 - Condition(s) for Customer
K003 - Sales Tax, Germany
K23D - Account Assignments to be Reposted
K70D0 - Export Data for Unit Cost Estimate to Reference Objects
K7100003 -
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L001TAB - Int. lang. table length 128
L002TAB - Int. lang. table length 256
L003TAB - Int. lang. table length 512
L004TAB - Int. lang. table length 8192
L005TAB - Int. lang. table length 100
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M000 - Master Table for Portfolio Determination
M007 - Work Fields for MSTT007
M047C - Help fields for edition T047C
M047H - Help fields for edition T047H
M047X - Help fields for maintaining dunning procedure
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N000 - Condition table for free goods determination
N0FDBS0000000000 - PMD: N0_FDBS Sample FDBST
N0FDBS0000000001 - PMD: PERSTAB
N0FDBS0000000002 - PMD: MITARBEITE Employees
N0FDBS0000000003 - PMD: ISHMDIATAB EDM Diagnoses: Diagnosis Table
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O2APPL - O2: BSP Applications
O2APPLATTR - 02: BSP Application Attributes
O2APPLGRAP - O2: Transfer Fields in Navigation Modeler of BSP Application
O2APPLNODE - O2: Transfer Fields for BSP Application Nodes
O2APPLT - O2: BSP Application Texts
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P000 - Conditions for Packing Object
P0000 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0000 (Actions)
P0000_ABA - HR Master Record: Infotype 0000 (Actions)
P0000_AF - Additional Query Fields
P0001 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment)
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Q000 - Condition Table for Acct.Determination: $
Q0000 - Screen Fields: Infotype 0000
Q0001 - Screen Fields: Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment)
Q0002 - Screen Fields: Infotype 0002 (Personal Data)
Q0002AE - Screen Fields: Infotype 0002 UAE (Personal Data)
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R000 - Condition table for derivation strategy R
R005 - Helper Fields for Table Maintenance in T005
R009 - Work Fields for Table Maintenance of T009 and T009B
R021 - Work Fields for Table Maintenance of T021ff
R021T - Work Fields for Maintenance of Table T021T
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S00000255 - Transfer structure object t012:House Bank
S00000256 - Parameters for DMEs and foreign pmnt transactions
S00000257 - Structure for bank record
S00000258 - Transfer structure object T012K: House Bank Account
S00000260 - Transfer structure object T012T: House Bank Account Name
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T000 - Clients
T000ATP - Basic Settings for Availability Check
T000C - Table for Installing FI-SL Customizing
T000CLNT - Client Currency
T000CM - Client-specific FI-AR-CR settings
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U15308 - Generated Table for View
U444B - User Settings for Flexible Transaction Calls
U444C - User Settings For Flexible Transaction Calls Per MRP Element
UAACTIVATEDELCAL - Activate Delta Costing
UAAPPLTYPE - Application Types Costing
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V000 - Conditions for Variant Matching
V001ICDUNNING - V001 IC Process Information Dunning
V001N - Generated Table for View
V002ICBANKRETURN - V002 IC Process Information Bank Return
V003ICDEPOSIT - V003 IC Process Information Insufficient Deposit Coverage
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W000 - Condition Table for Rule Determination $
W001 - External currency field for ANLA change docs.
W093B - External currency field for ANLB/C change docs.
W1A_T_DEBI - Work Area: Customer Tax Category
W1A_T_KRED - Work Area: Vendor Tax Category
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X001 - Derived Company Code Additional Data
X030L - Nametab Header, Database Structure DDNTT
X031L - Nametab Structure, Database Structure DDNTF
X043 - Tolerance values from table T043T / T043G
XABAPTEXT - Version Management: Delta for ABAPTEXT
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Y012019 - mois012019
Y022019 - mois012019
Y032019 - mois012019
Y042019 - mois012019
Y052019 - mois012019
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