SAP Table J11DABE1 stores TR-EDT: Transfer of Flow Datadata


In this post, I will try and describe everything you need to know about the SAP j11dabe1 table. What it is, including what type of data it stores.

A list of fields which make up the table structure and on an S/4Hana System for J11DABE1 what does this table look like.

And what relationships it has with other SAP tables.

Also see here for example ABAP code to select data from J11DABE1....Right lets get started!

SAP J11DABE1 dictionary attributes

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Object Name: J11DABE1
Dictionary Type: Structure
Description: TR-EDT: Transfer of Flow Data

J11DABE1 field list

Field Data Element Data Type length (Dec) Check table Description Conversion Routine Domain Name MemoryID AppClass SHLP SHLP Field ConvExit
ACTIOCHAR1(0) Action in R/3
ARCHICHAR1(0) Archiving category
AUGLZNUMC3(0) Clearing number
AVERMCHAR10(0) Business partner
BELNRCHAR8(0) RF document number
BSAKNCHAR8(0) Balance sheet account
BSZINCHAR8(0) Interest to..
BUDATCHAR8(0) Posting date
BUKRSCHAR2(0) Company code
BUPERCHAR2(0) Posting month for special period
DATUMCHAR8(0) Interest value date
DIDATCHAR8(0) Planning day
DMIHBNUMC13(0) Amount in local currency
DMSHBNUMC11(0) Local currency amount
EBENECHAR2(0) Planning level
FDUPDCHAR1(0) Flag - record to cash mgmt?
GRUPPCHAR8(0) Bank account for planning
HABEWCHAR1(0) Main flow
HABKOCHAR8(0) Account for credit posting
IDENTCHAR8(0) Document number
INHABNUMC2(0) Bracket for purchase/sale
INSTDCHAR10(0) Customer posted to
KENNRCHAR13(0) ID number
KONIDCHAR8(0) Securities acct ID
KURSANUMC9(0) Exchange rate specification
KURSBNUMC9(0) Exchange rate specification
KURSFNUMC9(0) Exchange rate specification
LFDNRNUMC3(0) Sequence number
LFZCHAR4(0) Term for interest calculation
MIGDATENUMC8(0) Migration date
NUM_DMIHBNUMC1(0) Decimal place of DMIHB
NUM_DMSHBNUMC1(0) Decimal place of DMSHB
NUM_KURSANUMC1(0) Decimal place of KURSA
NUM_KURSBNUMC1(0) Decimal place of KURSB
NUM_KURSFNUMC1(0) Decimal place of KURSF
NUM_W2SHBNUMC1(0) Decimal place of W2SHB
NUM_WBEFWNUMC1(0) Decimal place of WBEFW
NUM_WBEKUNUMC1(0) Decimal place of WBEKU
NUM_WKURANUMC1(0) Decimal place of WKURA
NUM_WNESTNUMC1(0) Decimal place of WNEST
NUM_WRIHBNUMC1(0) Decimal place of WRIHB
NUM_WRSHBNUMC1(0) Decimal place of WRSHB
NUM_ZIBASNUMC1(0) Decimal place of ZIBAS
NUM_ZSAEFNUMC1(0) Decimal place of ZSAEF
NUM_ZSATZNUMC1(0) Decimal place of ZSATZ
ONAENCHAR1(0) ID of a manual
ONBUCCHAR1(0) Flagged for online posting
ORDATCHAR8(0) Order date
ORGRPCHAR2(0) Grouping for business partner
ORNUMCHAR10(0) Single transaction ref.
REFIDCHAR8(0) ID number of reference rate
REQU0CHAR1(0) General indicator
REQU1CHAR1(0) Exch.rate fix.for curr.transl.
REQU3CHAR1(0) Exch.rate fix.for curr.transl.
RESALCHAR1(0) Flow for remaining balance
RFDATCHAR8(0) Posting date
RFTIMCHAR6(0) Posting time
SHKZGCHAR1(0) Debit/Credit indicator for OI
SICHKCHAR1(0) Indicator - hedging transaction
SOLKOCHAR8(0) Account for debit posting
SPDATCHAR8(0) Lock date
STATICHAR1(0) Contract status
STUCKCHAR1(0) Indicator - accrued interest
STYPECHAR1(0) Server type
STZTGCHAR1(0) Days-calculation method
SUMKZCHAR1(0) Totals record from summarization run
TXNAUCHAR1(0) Investment type
UDATACHAR8(0) Creation date
UDATBCHAR8(0) Last change date
UMBWACHAR2(0) Flow type from which the rec.
USERACHAR8(0) Created by
USERBCHAR8(0) Last changed by
USTRUCHAR8(0) G/L account (CHAR)
UTIMACHAR6(0) Time of creation
VARADCHAR8(0) SB applic.on
VARGDCHAR8(0) Supervisory board authoriz.on
VARIDNUMC4(0) SB template identification
VORGACHAR2(0) Activity type
VOZINCHAR8(0) Interest calc. from...
VTYPECHAR1(0) Processing type
W2SHBNUMC13(0) Foreign currency
WAERRCHAR5(0) Currency key - position currency
WAERSCHAR5(0) Currency key
WBEFWNUMC9(0) Last FC valuation rate
WBEKUNUMC15(0) Security price
WKURANUMC15(0) Security price
WNESTNUMC13(0) Nominal amount in contract curr.
WRIHBNUMC13(0) Amount actually paid
WRSHBNUMC13(0) Foreign currency (contr.curr.)

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