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Background to the SAPTalk application
SapTALK User Messaging service
Example SAPTalk Screens
SAPTalk create screen 0100 with the following elements (see below screen shots for layout):
Create function module Z_SEND_MESSAGE
Create function module Z_ENQUE_SLEEP
Creation of GUI Status FEEDBACK
Creation of GUI Status 'MESS'
Creation of GUI Status 'OPTIONS'
Creation GUI Status 'ULIST'
SAPTalk - MSM messenger application for SAP
Code listings for SAPTALK includes
Code listing for ZSAPTALKF01(include)
Code listing for ZSAPTALKI01(include)
Code listing for ZSAPTALKO01(include)
SAPTalk selection screen parameters
Code listing for ZSAPTALKTOP(include)

SAPTALK - table creation
Code listing for ZMESSCLEARUP
ZMESS: Function group creation details
Code listings for SAPLZMESS(fgroup)
Code listings for SAPLZMESS includes
SAPLZMESS(fgroup ZMESS) - Screen creation
SapTALK: Report creation details
Code listing for SAPTALK
SAPTALK - Include creation
SAPTALK - Screen creation
SAPTALK - GUI Status creation
SAPTALK - GUI Title creation
SapTALK - Transaction creation
Create SAPTalk SAP tables
Create table ZMESSTAB
SAPLZMESS(fgroup)- Function module creation
Message Class and messages
SAPTalk Parameter ID's
SAPTAlk clearup tranasction code