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CUKB - Administrative Information for Dependency Maintenance

CUKBAV - Characteristic Variable in Dependency (Explanation)

CUKBOV - Object Variable in Object Dependencies (Explanation)

CUKBT - Text Table for Dependency Maintenance Admin. Information

CUKBT_OBJ - Dependencies - Lang.-Dependent Texts for Object Maintenance

CUKB_OBJ - Dependencies - Basis Data for Object Maintenance

CUKC - Structure for Object Dependencies Compilation

CUKDTB - Help Structure for Dependency Data

CUKD_S_COPY_ALLOCATION_LOG - Copied Dependency Assignments

CUKD_S_DELETE_ALLOCATION_LOG - Deleted Dependency Assignments

CUKN - Dependency Storage - Variants/Configuration

CUKN_OBJ - Dependencies - Dependency Storage in Object Maintenance

CUKN_STRUC - Structure of dependency container (KNBLK)

CUKO_01 - BOM Memory for Updating BOMs

CUKO_02 - Configuration: Display Classification Data

CUKO_CMP_COMPARE - Comparison of Transaction Data for BOM Items

CUKR_01 - Compilations (KNNUM + CODE Line)

CUKR_02 - Range Table for Internal Relationship Number (KNNUM)

CUKR_03 - Relationship Number and Source Text Row

CUKR_04 - Ranges Table for Assignment Object (KNOBJ)

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