SAP Table MARD stores Storage Location Data for Materialdata


In this post, I will try and describe everything you need to know about the SAP mard table. What it is, including what type of data it stores.

A list of fields which make up the table structure and on an S/4Hana System for MARD what does this table look like.

And what relationships it has with other SAP tables.

Also see here for example ABAP code to select data from MARD....Right lets get started!

SAP MARD dictionary attributes

Object Name: MARD
Dictionary Type: Transparent table
Description: Storage Location Data for Material

MARD field list

Field Data Element Data Type length (Dec) Check table Description Conversion Routine Domain Name MemoryID AppClass SHLP SHLP Field ConvExit
PSTATPSTAT_DCHAR15(0) Maintenance statusPSTATMG
LVORMLVOLGCHAR1(0) Flag Material for Deletion at Storage Location LevelXFELDMG
LFGJALFGJANUMC4(0) Fiscal Year of Current PeriodGJAHRMG
LFMONLFMONNUMC2(0) Current period (posting period)MONATMG
SPERRSPERRCHAR1(0) Physical Inventory Blocking IndicatorSPERRMG
LABSTLABSTQUAN13(3) Valuated Unrestricted-Use StockMENG13VMG
UMLMEUMLMDQUAN13(3) Stock in transfer (from one storage location to another)MENG13VMG
INSMEINSMEQUAN13(3) Stock in Quality InspectionMENG13VMG
EINMEEINMEQUAN13(3) Total Stock of All Restricted BatchesMENG13VMG
RETMERETMEQUAN13(3) Blocked Stock ReturnsMENG13VMG
VMLABVMLABQUAN13(3) Valuated unrestricted-use stock in previous periodMENG13VMG
VMUMLVMUMLQUAN13(3) Stock in Transfer in Previous PeriodMENG13VMG
VMINSVMINSQUAN13(3) Stock in Quality Inspection in Previous PeriodMENG13VMG
VMEINVMEINQUAN13(3) Restricted-Use Stock in Previous PeriodMENG13VMG
VMSPEVMSPEQUAN13(3) Blocked stock of previous periodMENG13VMG
VMRETVMRETQUAN13(3) Blocked Stock Returns in Previous PeriodMENG13VMG
KZILLKZILLCHAR3(0) Physical inventory indicator for whse stock in current yearINVKZMB
KZILQKZILQCHAR3(0) Phys. inventory ind. f. stock in qual. insp. in current yearINVKZMG
KZILEKZILECHAR3(0) Physical inventory indicator for restricted-use stockINVKZMG
KZILSKZILSCHAR3(0) Physical inventory indicator for blocked stockINVKZMG
KZVLLKZVLLCHAR3(0) Physical inventory indicator for stock in previous yearINVKZMG
KZVLQKZVLQCHAR3(0) Phys. inventory ind. f. stock in qual. insp. in prev. periodINVKZMG
KZVLEKZVLECHAR3(0) Physical inventory ind. for restricted-use stock, prev.pdINVKZMG
KZVLSKZVLSCHAR3(0) Phys. inventory indicator for blocked stock in prev. periodINVKZMG
DISKZDISKZCHAR1(0) Storage location MRP indicatorDISKZMG
LSOBSLSOBSCHAR2(0) T460ASpecial procurement type at storage location levelSOBSL
LMINBLMINBQUAN13(3) Reorder point for storage location MRPMENG13MG
LBSTFLBSTFQUAN13(3) Replenishment quantity for storage location MRPMENG13MG
HERKLHERKLCHAR3(0) T005Country of origin of the materialLAND1LNDMG
EXPPGEXPPGCHAR1(0) Preference indicator (deactivated)EXPPGMG
EXVEREXVERCHAR2(0) Export indicator (deactivated)EXVERMG
KLABSKLABSQUAN13(3) Unrestricted-Use Consignment StockMENG13VMG
KINSMKINSMQUAN13(3) Consignment Stock in Quality InspectionMENG13VMG
KEINMKEINMQUAN13(3) Restricted-Use Consignment StockMENG13VMG
KSPEMKSPEMQUAN13(3) Blocked Consignment StockMENG13VMG
DLINLDLINLDATS8(0) Date of Last Posted Count for Unrestricted-Use StockDATS
VKLABVKLABCURR13(2) Stock value of a value-only material at sales priceWERT13N
VKUMLVKUMLCURR13(2) Sales value in stock transfer (SLOc to SLoc)WERT13N
LWMKBMARD_KOBERCHAR3(0) *Picking area for lean WMKOBER
BSKRFBSKRFFLTP16(16) Inventory correction factorFLTP
MDRUEMDRUECHAR1(0) MARDH rec. already exists for per. before last of MARD per.XFELD
MDJINGJINVNUMC4(0) Fiscal year of current physical inventory indicatorGJAHR