SAP Table GANLC stores Base value determination value fieldsdata


In this post, I will try and describe everything you need to know about the SAP ganlc table. What it is, including what type of data it stores.

A list of fields which make up the table structure and on an S/4Hana System for GANLC what does this table look like.

And what relationships it has with other SAP tables.

Also see here for example ABAP code to select data from GANLC....Right lets get started!

SAP GANLC dictionary attributes

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Object Name: GANLC
Dictionary Type: Structure
Description: Base value determination value fields

GANLC field list

Field Data Element Data Type length (Dec) Check table Description Conversion Routine Domain Name MemoryID AppClass SHLP SHLP Field ConvExit
KANSWKANSWCURR13(2) Cumulative acquisition and production costsANLKWERTAB
KAUFWKAUFWCURR13(2) Cumulative revaluation on the replacement valueANLKWERTAB
KINVZKINVZCURR13(2) Cumulative investment grantsANLKWERTAB
KNAFAKNAFACURR13(2) Accumulated ordinary depreciationANLKWERTAB
KSAFAKSAFACURR13(2) Cumulative special depreciationANLKWERTAB
KAAFAKAAFACURR13(2) Cumulative unplanned depreciationANLKWERTAB
KMAFAKMAFACURR13(2) Cumulative reserves transferANLKWERTAB
KAUFNKAUFNCURR13(2) Cumulative revaluation of ordinary depreciationANLKWERTAB
KVOSTKVOSTCURR13(2) Cumulative input taxANLKWERTAB
AUFWPAUFWPCURR13(2) Planned revaluation on replacement valueANLKWERTAB
NAFAPNAFAPCURR13(2) Planned ordinary depreciation for the yearANLKWERTAB
SAFAPSAFAPCURR13(2) Planned special depreciation for the yearANLKWERTAB
AAFAPAAFAPCURR13(2) Scheduled unplanned depreciation for the yearANLKWERTAB
MAFAPMAFAPCURR13(2) Planned transfer of reserves for the yearANLKWERTAB
AUFNPAUFNPCURR13(2) Planned revaluation of accumulated ordinary depreciationANLKWERTAB
ANSWLANSWLCURR13(2) Transactions for the year affecting asset valuesANLKWERTAB
ABGANABGANCURR13(2) Total retirements and retiring transfersANLKWERTAB
ANSAZANSAZCURR13(2) Down payments on assetANLKWERTAB
AUFWMAUFWMCURR13(2) Manual revaluation on replacement valueANLKWERTAB
INVZMINVZMCURR13(2) Investment grant for the yearANLKWERTAB
NAFAMNAFAMCURR13(2) Manually planned ordinary depreciation for the yearANLKWERTAB
SAFAMSAFAMCURR13(2) Manual special depreciation planned for the yearANLKWERTAB
AAFAMAAFAMCURR13(2) Manual unplanned depreciation for the yearANLKWERTAB
MAFAMMAFAMCURR13(2) Manual transfer of reserves for the yearANLKWERTAB
AUFNMAUFNMCURR13(2) Manual revaluation of cumulative ordinary depreciationANLKWERTAB
AUFWVAUFWVCURR13(2) Proportional cumulative revaluation on replacement valueANLKWERTAB
INVZVINVZVCURR13(2) Proportional cumulative investment grantsANLKWERTAB
NAFAVNAFAVCURR13(2) Proportional accumulated ordinary depreciationANLKWERTAB
SAFAVSAFAVCURR13(2) Proportional cumulative special depreciationANLKWERTAB
AAFAVAAFAVCURR13(2) Proportional cumulative unplanned depreciationANLKWERTAB
MAFAVMAFAVCURR13(2) Proportional cumulative transfer of reservesANLKWERTAB
AUFNVAUFNVCURR13(2) Proportional cum. revaluation on ordinary depreciationANLKWERTAB
AUFWLAUFWLCURR13(2) Proportional revaluation for the year on replacement valueANLKWERTAB
INVZLINVZLCURR13(2) Proportional investment grant for the yearANLKWERTAB
NAFALNAFALCURR13(2) Proportional ordinary depreciation for the yearANLKWERTAB
SAFALSAFALCURR13(2) Proportional special depreciation for the yearANLKWERTAB
AAFALAAFALCURR13(2) Proportional unplanned depreciation for the yearANLKWERTAB
MAFALMAFALCURR13(2) Proportional transfer of reserves for the yearANLKWERTAB
AUFNLAUFNLCURR13(2) Proportional revaluation of annual ordinary dep.ANLKWERTAB
KSANSKSANSCURR13(2) Cumulative statistical acquisition valueANLKWERT
SANSLSANSLCURR13(2) Statistical aquisition value of current yearANLKWERT

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