SAP Table D0100 stores Help Structure for Batch Input Processingdata


In this post, I will try and describe everything you need to know about the SAP d0100 table. What it is, including what type of data it stores.

A list of fields which make up the table structure and on an S/4Hana System for D0100 what does this table look like.

And what relationships it has with other SAP tables.

Also see here for example ABAP code to select data from D0100....Right lets get started!

SAP D0100 dictionary attributes

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Object Name: D0100
Dictionary Type: Structure
Description: Help Structure for Batch Input Processing

D0100 field list

Field Data Element Data Type length (Dec) Check table Description Conversion Routine Domain Name MemoryID AppClass SHLP SHLP Field ConvExit
MAPND0100_MAPNCHAR12(0) Name of batch input sessionCHAR12SBDC
VOND0100_STDADATS8(0) Selection criterion for start of time intervalDATUMSBDC
BISD0100_CRDADATS8(0) Selection criterium for the end of the time intervalDATUMSBDC
ERRD0100_ERRCHAR1(0) Selection criterion for incorrect sessionsBDCANWAHLSBDC
BOOKEDD0100_BOOKCHAR1(0) Selection criterion for created sessionsBDCANWAHLSBDC
FINISHD0100_FINCHAR1(0) Selection criterion for processed sessionsBDCANWAHLSBDC
RESERVED0100_RESCHAR1(0) Selection criterion for sessions being processedSYCHAR01
CREATED0100_CRECHAR1(0) Selection criterion for sessions being createdSYCHAR01
BATCHD0100_BTCCHAR1(0) Selection criterion for sessions processed in batch modeSYCHAR01
SPERRD0100_LOCKCHAR1(0) Selection criterion for locked sessionsBDCANWAHLSBDC
ALLMAPD0100_ALLCHAR1(0) Selection criterion for all sessionsSYCHAR01
CREATORAPQ_MAPNCHAR12(0) Queue user ID / for historical reasonsCHAR12SBDC

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