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RV43A - Input/Output Fields for Maintaining Sales Activities

RV43A_SADLSTADM - CAS: Structure for Administrative Data in Address Lists

RV43A_SET_OPERATION - CAS: Structure for Set Operations for Address Lists

RV45A - Data Fields for SAPMV45A


RV45A_UV - Special Rules for Availability Check (Header/Item)

RV45B - Work Area for SAPMV45B

RV45C - Work Area for SAPLV45B

RV45K - Data Fields for Search Help when Creating with Reference

RV45S - Matchcode selection fields for sched.agreements w.rel.orders

RV45Z - Work fields for component supplier functions

RV46G_DOC - Group Master Contract: List of Referenced Documents

RV46G_FLD - Group Master Contract: Changed Fields According to Procedure

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