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RREC_MGT_ACCOUNT - Attributes Recivables Account

RREC_MGT_ITEM - Receivable Item Loans

RRENEGODFLTCNDTY - Generated Table for View

RRENEGOITEMPRS - Generated Table for View

RRENEGOLIST - Generated Table for View

RRENEGOLISTITEM - Generated Table for View

RRENEGPRCLOG - Generated Table for View

RREPAYMENT - Screen Fields for Payoff

RREPAYMENT_API - API Fields for the Payoff

RREPAYMENT_ZEV_EXT - Automatic Payment Postprocessing - Payoff Information

RREPAY_ADD_FIELDS - Additional fields for the payoff

RREPAY_ADMIN - Administration Data for Payoff

RREPAY_ADMIN_API - Administration Data for Payoff

RREPAY_API_ADV_PYOFF_CMLCHN - Advance Payoff Optimization

RREPAY_BASIS - Basic Data for Payoff

RREPAY_BASIS_API - Basic Data for Payoff

RREPAY_CL - Payoff Data in the Consumer Loan

RREPAY_CL_APPEND - Fields for the Consumer Loan and for the Business Op. Notice

RREPAY_CL_DISPLAY - Data for Display Only in Payoff Consumer Loan

RREPAY_CL_DISPLAY_EOT - Term Data in the Payoff Consumer Loan

RREPAY_CL_DUNNING_INFO - Dunning Data for Payoff in Consumer Loan

RREPAY_CL_NOTICE_COND - Payoff Data in the Consumer Loan

RREPAY_CUSTOM - Customer Data for Payoff

RREPAY_CUSTOMER003 - Structure of Amount List for User Exit 003

RREPAY_DETAIL - Detail Data for Payoff

RREPAY_DETAIL_ADV_PYOFF_CMLCHN - Due date adjustment indicator

RREPAY_DETAIL_API - Detail Data for Payoff

RREPAY_DETAPI_ADV_PYOFF_CMLCHN - Advance Payoff Optimization

RREPAY_DISPLAY - Payoff Data for Display Only

RREPAY_HEAD - Header Data for Payoff

RREPAY_HEAD_API - Header Data for Payoff

RREPAY_INIT_DONE - Flags for Individual FORM Routines

RREPAY_INTERN - Internal Data for Payoff

RREPAY_INTERN_API - Internal Data for Payoff

RREPAY_KLV - Credit Life Insurance Data

RREPAY_KLV_API - API Fields for Repayment - Relevant to Credit Life Insurance

RREPAY_PO - Installment Loan-Specific Data for the Payoff

RREPAY_PO_API - Installment Loan-Specific Data for the Payoff

RREPAY_PO_DISPLAY - Installment Loan-Specific Display Fields for the Payoff

RREPAY_PO_REQUESTOR - Display Structure of Address Information for Requesting Prt.

RREPAY_PO_TOL - Installment Loan-Specific Tolerance Periods for Payoff

RREPAY_PPI_CMLCHN - Structure for Refund in PPI

RREPAY_PRF - Payoff and Notice: Fields from Product Profile

RREPAY_RECLIST - Structure for Receivables List That can be Customizied

RREPAY_RECLIST_ALV - Structure for ALV Receivables List that can be Customized

RREPAY_RECLIST_CUST_DISPLAY - Display Struct. for Complete Customizing of Receivables List

RREPAY_RECLIST_INT - Internal Structure for Receivables List

RREPAY_STEER - Data in the Payoff (Re. API)

RREPAY_STEER_API - Control Data for the Payoff

RREPAY_STEER_OL - OL Control Information for Payoff

RREPAY_STEER_UI - UI Control Information for Payoff

RREPAY_TEMPLATE - Payoff Template

RRESVNDOCSRCH - Generated Table for View

RREV_POST_INFO - Loans: Posting Information

RREV_VDBEKI_CHECK - Check Loan Document for Reversal

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