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RL01S - I/O fields for WM master data management (SAPML01S)

RL02A - Help fields for function modules TR creation

RL02B - I/O fields for transfer requirement processing (SAPML02B).

RL02M - Internal Structure for Messages during TR Creation

RL030 - Join LAGP and LQUA (RLS10030 and RLS10034)

RL030_UNIQUE - Unique fields from tables lagp & lqua.

RL031 - Structure for Returning Stocks of Delivery (Suppl. to RL034)

RL032 - Transfer Structure for Differences

RL034 - Data Transfer Structure for Stock Transfer / Posting Change

RL03A - Transmission structure for transfer order kernel (SAPLL03A)

RL03B - I/O table for SAPLL03B

RL03L - Field Structure for TO Lists

RL03Q - Help fields for QM link to WM

RL03T - I/O fields for WM transfer order processing (SAPML03T)

RL04I - I/O fields for inventory processing (SAPML04I).

RL05S - I/O fields for multiple processing (SAPML05S).

RL06D - I/O Fields for Link Between R/2 and ERP (SAPML06D)

RL070 - All LQUA and LINV Fields

RL080_HEADER - Hierarchical Rep RLS10080 - Header

RL080_ITEM - Hierarchical Rep RLS10080 - Item

RL0PRE_1 - Preference:Transfer Struct.for Mat.Values by Preference Zone

RL0PRE_2 - BOM Item (Enhanced for Preference Determination)

RL0PRE_3 - Preference: Transfer Structure for Data Log/Error Log

RL0PRE_4 - Preference: Transfer components for each customs area

RL0PRE_5 - Preference: Transmit Procedure Result for Material/Zone

RL0PRE_6 - Preference KMAT results configurable assemblies

RL0PRE_7 - Preference: Structure for Condition Values KMAT

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