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RKSABW - Structure of Variance Report (Cost Center Accounting)

RKSB1 - Work fields line-item reports

RKSBL - Internal data for set line in SAPMKMA1

RKSBPL - Structure for Planning Report (Cost Center Accounting)

RKSCYCVAL - Cycle Valus

RKSFX - Table Structure: Requirements for Predist. of Fixed Costs

RKSFX_B - Predistribution of fixed costs: Amounts for lists

RKSFX_L - List Predistribution of Fixed Costs

RKSFX_P - Predistribution of Fixed Costs: Period Lists

RKSK1 - Stat. ratios work fields

RKSLN - Structure of set object line

RKSPI - Table structure activity price computation request

RKSPIL - Price calculation: List

RKSPIL_COMP - Price Calculation: Component List

RKSPIL_MORE_CURR - Price calculation: List - additional currencies

RKSPIL_PER - Price Calculation: Period List

RKSPI_L - Table structure activity price calculation field results

RKSPI_S - Table structure selection fields activity price computation

RKSPI_U - Table structure activity price computation transfer fields

RKSPLANCYCVAL - Plan Cycle Valus

RKSRO - Input/output fields for summarization of cost centers

RKSTA - Reference Structure for Updating Plan Documents

RKSTCOKR - Transfer structure to update stat. bases from LIS

RKSTRUCT - Structure + db_act to generate or delete CD-fkt


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