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RINCTSKREFAUTH - Generated Table for View

RINCTSKREFAUTHDR - Generated Table for View

RINDEX_4_COMPARISON - Index for Best Matching of Overpayment and Payoff

RINDEX_TRTCRT_BELNR - Index of old trtcrt belnr with new trtcrt belnr

RINEA - I/O fields in object links/networking

RINET0_LIST_CHARACTERISTIC - INET List - Data Elements for Characteristics

RINOB - Internal Dependency Number Structure

RINOB1 - Transfer Structure: Internal Object Number/Object

RINPAYMENT_IF - Investor Contract: Incoming Payment (Interface)

RINS_POL - Insurance Policy

RINTC - LOAD REPORT ... PART 'INTC': Zeilentyp der Load-Tabelle INTC

RINTD - Interface declarations for LOAD units

RINTER_ADD_HEADER - Additional Fields: Contract Data Header

RINTER_BEGRU - Authorization Group


RINTER_BUKRS - Company Codes

RINTER_CLI_EXTERNAL_ID - External Key for Credit Life Insurance Rate

RINTER_CLI_VARIANT_LST - Credit Life Insurance - List of Variants

RINTER_CONDITION_PARAM - Condition Parameters

RINTER_COND_TYPE_INFORMATION - Additional Information on Condition Types

RINTER_CORR_ROLE - Correspondence Roles

RINTER_DEF_CONDITION - Summary of General Contract Data - Item

RINTER_DEF_HEADER - Summary of General Contract Data - Header

RINTER_F4_HELP - F4 Help for Multiple Value Attributes

RINTER_FLD_ATTR - Field Attributes

RINTER_FLD_ATTR_CON_TYPE - Condition Type-Dependent Field Attributes

RINTER_FLOW_TYPE - Structure for Flow Types

RINTER_FLOW_TYPE_INFO - Additional Information on Condition Types / Flow Types

RINTER_PROD_ATTR_CHECK - Values for Product Attribute Check and Error Marker

RINTER_PROD_ATTR_SEL_CRIT - Selection Criteria for Product Attributes

RINTER_PROD_ATTR_VIEW - Values from Product Attributes

RINTER_TDPR_PRODUCT - Product List - Static

RINTER_TDPR_PRODUCT_ICL_TEXT - Structure: Product and Product Description

RINTER_ZLSCH - Payment Methods

RINTI - Interface implementation in a class

RINTR - Load table for referenced interfaces

RINT_RATE - Delivery Table for Interest Rates

RINT_RATE_ACC_STR - Access Strategies for Interest Rate Calculation

RINT_RATE_STR_INTERNAL - Internal Table for Interest Rates

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