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RF011F - Financial statement item - functional area

RF011P - Items in the Financial Statement

RF011Q - Financial Statement Item Texts

RF011S - Financial Statement Item Allocation - Set Name

RF011V - Item Change after Balance Change

RF011Z - Assignment of Balance Sheet Line Item to Account

RF014 - Online Fields for SAPLF014

RF01A - Work Fields for SAPMF01A

RF022 - Online Fields for Correspondence Function Modules

RF022_S_EVENT_LIST - Correspondence Types

RF026 - Screen Fields for Function Group F026

RF026AU02 - Structure for Transfer Table for LF026U02

RF026U01 - Structure for Transfer Table for LF026U01

RF02A - Work fields for SAPMF02A

RF02B - Work fields for SAPMF02B / SAPLBANK

RF02D - Screen and work fields for maintaining customer master data

RF02E - Work fields for SAPMF02E

RF02H - Work fields for SAPMF02H

RF02K - Maintain vendor master record screen and work fields

RF02L - Customer credit management screen and work fields

RF02N - Work Fields for SAPMF02N

RF033 - Screen Fields for SAPLF033

RF035 - Credit Management Screen Fields

RF035HB - Credit management: Data on highest balance

RF03L - Credit Management Master Data

RF03LA - Credit Management Address Communication Data

RF03L_FP - Credit Management: Due Items

RF040 - Work Fields for SAPMF040 (Basis Transaction Reorganization)

RF041_E - Interface table for SAPLF041 (U04_BATCH_INPUT)

RF041_F - Interface table for SAPLF041 (U04_CONTROL)

RF048 - Subseq.BA/PC Adjustmnt: Index/Distributn Vector (Calculate)

RF048_A - Interface Structure for FM:'BREAKDOWN_ACTIVITY_GET'

RF048_AUDT - Setting Clearing Date in BFOD_A / BFOK_A

RF048_D - Internal/External FI Document Numbers

RF04L - Customer Master Credit Management: Central Data

RF057A - Credit data relevant for credit insurance

RF057B - Organizational data relevant for credit insurance

RF057C - Credit insurance: list of company codes

RF057D - Selection criteria for data extracts

RF057E - Credit insurance: OI selection interface

RF057F - Credit insurance: open items structure

RF057G - Customer no., company code

RF057H - Master data and other credit insur.-relevant info

RF05A - Work Fields for SAPMF05A

RF05AS - Data structure for FI document reversal

RF05K - Screen Fields for SAPMF05K (Control Totals)

RF05L - Work Fields for SAPMF05L

RF05M - Work Fields for SAPMF05M

RF05N - Work Fields for SAPMF05N (Accounting Number Range Maint.)

RF05O - Online Fields for SAPMF050

RF05R - Work Fields for SAPMF05R

RF05R_ACCT - Transfer Structure for Addit. Accounts (GET_CLEARED_ITEMS)

RF05S - Special G/L Table SAPMF05Aff Layout

RF05U - Screen Fields for SAPMF05U

RF05V - Work Fields for SAPLF040

RF06A - Work Fields for SAPMF06A

RF06B - Display Fields for Pmnt Advice Items (in Addition to AVIP)

RF07 - Withholding tax in Italy : Modello 770 - additional data

RF08A - Work Fields for SAPMF08A

RF08A_1 - Interface Fields for SAPLFCAL

RF0FCN - Structure for view maintenance of table TIK05

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