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RDPR - Rounding profile

RDPSELSCRS - DI Processor: Individual processing

RDPS_RANGE_SCHEDULE_KEY_FIX - Structure for Range of Redemption Schedules

RDPTS_CONDITION_ATTR - Condition Attributes

RDPTS_RDPT_ABS_MBS - ABS/MBS Redemption Items Attributes

RDPTS_SCH_ABS_MBS - ABS/MBS Redemption Schedule Attributes

RDPTS_SET_ABS_MBS - ABS/MBS Redemption Set Attributes

RDPT_ACTIVE_SET - Generated Table for View

RDPT_CONDITION - Condition within Redemption Schedule

RDPT_COND_ACTIV - Activate Condition within Redemption Schedule

RDPT_COND_ACTIVV - Generated Table for View

RDPT_COND_FORM - Condition Formulas

RDPT_DISP_REVTRANS - Displays Business Transactions to Be Reversed

RDPT_DUE_DATE_PARM - Parameters Controlling the Calculation of Due Date


RDPT_F4_FIRST_REDEMPTION - Date Selection of First Redemption Date

RDPT_F4_SET_NAME - Structure Holding the Set Names Defined for One Security ID

RDPT_FACTOR2 - Treasury: Drawing Factor

RDPT_FACTOR2_V - Generated Table for View

RDPT_FACTOR_HDR2 - Treasury: Drawing Factors Header

RDPT_FACTOR_V2 - Generated Table for View

RDPT_FACTOR_VHD2 - Generated Table for View

RDPT_FCODE - Function Code of GUI Status

RDPT_FILE_PATH - Save the File Path of the Transaction

RDPT_IO_CONDITION - Data for Condition in Table Control

RDPT_IO_REDEMPTION - Data for Redemption in Table Control

RDPT_IS_RAN_DATTP - Range for Period Indicator

RDPT_IS_RAN_FIRST_REDEMPTION - Range for First Redemption Schedule Date

RDPT_IS_RAN_LAST_REDEMPTION - Range for Last Redemption Schedule Date

RDPT_IS_RAN_TFMARHY - Range for Frequency

RDPT_NUM_OF_SCHEDULE - Number of Schedules for a Set

RDPT_REDEMPTION - Redemption Records


RDPT_REDEMPTION_DATES_IRP - Structure for Installment Repayment Data

RDPT_RED_BCKUP - Treasury: Backup for Converting Currency of Redemption Sch.

RDPT_RNG_CURRENT_FACE - Range Structure for Current Face

RDPT_SCHEDULE - Redemption Schedules for Bonds

RDPT_SCHEDULE_ALV - Schedule Data for the ALV

RDPT_SCREEN_STATUS - Screen Status for a Dynpro

RDPT_SET - Quantity of Redemption Schedules

RDPT_SET_ALV - Set Data for the ALV

RDPT_SET_AND_SCHEDULE - Set and Schedule

RDPT_SET_LOCK - Lock Status of a Set

RDPT_SET_SCHD - Generated Table for View

RDPT_SET_SCHD_RD - Generated Table for View

RDPT_ST_RAN_SET_NAME - Range Structure for Set Name

RDPT_ST_RAN_SET_TYPE - Range Structure for Set Type

RDPT_T_SET_NAME - Repayment Schedule Sets

RDPT_T_SET_TYPE - Class for Redemption Schedule Set

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