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RBOBEPP - Screen Fields Additional Flows (Loans)

RBOBEPP_API - Other Flows (Loans) for the Business Operations API

RBOBEPP_API_GEN - Other Flows (Loans) for the Business Operations API

RBOBEPP_CONTROL - Additional Flows (Tax Information per Group)

RBOBEPP_FIELDS - Additional Flows (Field Control)

RBOBEPP_INTERN - Additional Flows (Control)

RBOBEPP_SBEWZITI - Additional Flows (Permitted Flow Categories)

RBOBEPP_TC - Additional Flows (Table Control)

RBOBEPP_TEXT - Additional Flows (Texts)

RBOCLI_STEER - Control Structure for BOCLI

RBOINS_CALC_PARAM - Business Operation Insurance Calculation Parameters

RBOINS_INS_DATA - Business Operation Internal Insurance Data

RBOINS_STEER_DATA - Business Operation Insurance Internal Control Data

RBOINS_VDBOINS_DATA - Business Operation Insurance Data Table VDBOINS

RBOUNDEDCNTXTFP - Generated Table for View

RBO_ACTIVITY - Control String for General Bus Op. Save- and Read- Modules

RBO_CAT - Structure Value Area Table for Business Operation Cat. Field

RBO_DISPLAY - Display Data for Business Operation

RBO_FIELDCAT - Screen Element (GUI)

RBO_HEAD - Business Operation Header for Status Chain 1

RBO_PL_ITM_LIST - Structure for Planned Records from Business Operations

RBO_POSTINFO_UI - Posting Information

RBO_STEER_OL - Control Data for the Business Operation - Object Layer

RBO_STEER_UI - Control Data for User Interface of Business Operation

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