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ABAP Objects - Keywords

The following list displays the keywords specially introduced for ABAP objects.
ABAP Code Snippet ALIASESDeclares an alias name CALL METHOD Calls a method dynamically CLASS ... ENDCLASSDefines a class CLASS-DATADeclares a static attribute CLASS-EVENTSDeclares a static event CLASS-METHODSDeclares a static method CREATE OBJECTCreates an object. EVENTSDeclares an instance event INTERFACE ... ENDINTERFACEDefines an interface INTERFACESIncludes an interface METHOD ... ENDMETHODDefines a method METHODSDeclares an instance method PRIVATE SECTIONIntroduces the package visibility section PROTECTED SECTIONIntroduces the protected visibility section PUBLIC SECTIONIntroduces the public visibility section RAISE EVENTTriggers an event SET HANDLERRegisters an event

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