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General Expression Positions
General expression positions are reader positions in which suitable data objects , constructor expressions, table expressions, calculation expressions, predefined functions, or functional methods and method chainings can be specified. The following general expression positions exist:
Right side of an assignment with the assignment operator =
Operands of arithmetic expressions and of bit expressions,
Embedded expressions in string templates,
Operands of comparison expressions in logical expressions
Operand of the statement CASE,
Actual parameters for input parameters of methods in meth( ...), RAISE EVENT, CREATE OBJECT, and RAISE EXCEPTION.
Actual parameters for input parameters of function modules in the case of CALL FUNCTION.
Arguments of predefined numerical functions if they are themselves executed in an arithmetic expression.
The operands behind the addition WITH TABLE KEY of the statements READ TABLE itab and DELETE TABLE itab.
The operands behind the addition WITH KEY of the statement READ TABLE itab.
Work area wa of the statements
APPEND wa TO ...
MODIFY ... FROM wa ...
Expression exp for dynamic sorts in the case of
SORT itab BY exp
Source fields of the statements WRITE and WRITE TO, with the restriction that arithmetic expressions and bit expressions cannot be specified directly, only as embedded expressions in string templates.
The type restrictions defined by the operand type apply in the operand positions. For example, no numerical functions can be specified in a bit expression.

Specifying functional methods as actual parameters of methods enables the nesting of method calls in an operand position.
The three types of calculation expression can be executed as operands of relational expressions, but they cannot be mixed in one calculation expression.