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asJSON - Canonical JSON Representation
The canonical XML representation asXML is the format of JSON data that is produced by a serialization of ABAP data using the identity transformation ID, or that is required for a deserialization using the identity transformation.
asJSON is based closely on asXML . From a conceptional perspective, a asJSON representation is produced by a restructuring of the asXML representation of this ABAP data to a JSON-XML representation, while keeping all value content. This means the same basic rules apply as for asXML. In particular, XML schema data types for the mapping of ABAP data types are also used in asJSON.
Description of the asJSON format:
General asJSON Format
Mapping of ABAP Data Types

asJSON only occurs in the identity transformation ID. In particular, asJSON is not generally needed for self-written transformations for JSON; JSON-XML is used directly instead.
A JSON-XML representation of asJSON is known as asJSON-XML. asJSON-XML is not used as an intermediate format in transformations, but the asJSON-XML associated with a asJSON representation can be created to analyze it and compare it with asXML.
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