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ABAP Keyword Documentation
This documentation describes the syntax and meaning of the keywords of the ABAP language and its object-oriented variant ABAP Objects.
ABAP Overview

An introduction to ABAP and the most important umbrella topics.
ABAP Reference

A complete description of all ABAP key words in their relevant context.
ABAP # Short Reference

A short overview of all statements, ordered alphabetically.
ABAP # Release-Specific Changes

List of all changes and enhancements made to ABAP since Release 3.0
ABAP Programming Guidelines

Rules and hints on using ABAP.
ABAP - Security Notes

Overview of all potential security risks in ABAP programs.
ABAP Glossary

Terms in the ABAP environment, and their explanations.
ABAP Index

Alphabetical index of all language elements.
ABAP Keyword Directory

Alphabetical keyword directory for searching by topic.
ABAP Code Snippet
ABAP Syntax Diagrams

Compilation of interactive syntax diagrams.

ABAP Code Snippet
The programs and program extracts outlined in the ABAP keyword documentation are syntax examples and are not intended for use in a production system environment. The purpose of the source code examples is to enable a better explanation and visualization of the syntax and semantics of ABAP statements. SAP does not guarantee either the correctness or the completeness of the code. In addition, SAP takes no legal responsiblity or liability for possible errors or their consequences, which occur through the use of the example programs.
ABAP Code Snippet
The database tables of the flight data model used in the example programs can be filled using the program SAPBC_DATA_GENERATOR.