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UWL_ASSIGN_USERS_CHANNEL - Adding user to a uwl channel

UWL_ASSIGN_USER_CHANNEL - Adding user to a uwl channel

UWL_CREATE_SERVICE_USER - Creating uwl service user

UWL_DEL_ALL_USERS_FROM_CHANNEL - Remove all users from UWL channel

UWL_DEL_USER_FROM_CHANNEL - Remove user from UWL channel

UWL_DETECT_BWF_DELTA_JOB - Check whether the required BWF delta job is scheduled

UWL_DOCUMENTS_HEADER_READ - Read headers of multiple attachments

UWL_GET_ITEMS_PROXY - prototype for UWL proxy

UWL_GET_USERS_IN_CHANNEL - prototype for tracking user in channel

UWL_SWO_INVOKE - Wrap around bundling for SWO_INVOKE

UWL_UPDATE_USER_TIME - Update user access time with UWL

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