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KPEP_WLA_ADD_MESSAGE - Issues an Object-Independent Message to the Worklist

KPEP_WLA_ADD_MESSAGES - Issues Object-Independent Messages to the Worklist SCMA

KPEP_WLA_ADD_OBJECT_MESSAGES - Issues Object-Dependent Messages to the Worklist SCMA

KPEP_WLA_ANALYZE_OBJECT - Checks Affiliation of Object and Whether It Can Be Processed

KPEP_WLA_ANALYZE_OBJECTS - Checks Affiliation of Several Objects and Whether They Can Be Processed

KPEP_WLA_CHECK_ACTIVE - Checks Whether Worklists Are Active

KPEP_WLA_REENQUEUE - Locks Worklist Again After Calling DEQUEUE_ALL

KPEP_WLA_RFC_CONTEXT_EXIT - Gets WL Context for End of an RFC

KPEP_WLA_RFC_CONTEXT_INIT - Initializes the WL Context at the Start of an RFC

KPEP_WLA_RFC_CONTEXT_INTERPRET - Evaluates the WL Context Used in the RFC

KPEP_WLA_RFC_CONTEXT_PREPARE - Creates the WL Context for Use in an RFC

KPEP_WLA_SET_OBJECT_CHANGED - Notes Data Change on Object in Worklist

KPEP_WLA_SET_OBJECT_STATUS - Sets the Processing Status for an Object

KPEP_WLM_BUFFER_RESET - Deletes Worklist Buffer

KPEP_WLM_CHECK_ENQUEUED - Checks Whether Flow Step Is Locked

KPEP_WLM_CREATE_VIEW - Creates New View of Worklist

KPEP_WLM_DISPLAY_OBJLIST - Display of Object List in a Container

KPEP_WLM_DISPLAY_SCMA_WLIST - Display of Objects per View

KPEP_WLM_END - Exit monitor


KPEP_WLM_GET_VIEW - Gets Objects of a WL View

KPEP_WLM_INFO_GET - Information on Worklist

KPEP_WLM_MESSAGES_GET - Returns Object-Independent Messages from Worklist

KPEP_WLM_MONITOR_RUN - Start of Unified Monitor with TA WLM*

KPEP_WLM_OBJECT_MESSAGES_GET - Returns Object-Based Messages from Worklist

KPEP_WLM_OBJECT_STATUS_GET - Returns Object Information on the Worklist

KPEP_WLM_OBJECT_STATUS_SET - Sets Object Information in the Worklist

KPEP_WLM_OBJLIST_FCAT_PATCH - Adjustment of ALV Field Catalog for the Object List in the WL Monitor

KPEP_WLM_OBJ_GET_CHILDREN - Determines Subordinate Hierarchy Nodes for Specified Objects

KPEP_WLM_OBJ_GET_HIEDATA - Determines Higher-Level Hierarchy Nodes for Specified Objects

KPEP_WLM_ORIG_OBJ_MESSAGES_GET - Returns Messages of Causing Objects


KPEP_WLM_POPUP_STEP_SELECTION - Popup: Selection of Steps in a WL

KPEP_WLM_TREE_FCAT_PATCH - Adjustment of ALV Field Catalog for WL Tree in WL Monitor

KPEP_WLS_ADD_MESSAGES - Add Object-Independent Messages

KPEP_WLS_ADD_OBJECT_MESSAGES - Adds Object-Dependent Messages

KPEP_WLS_ANALYZE_OBJECT - Checks Processing Status of an Object

KPEP_WLS_ANALYZE_OBJECTS - Checks Processing Status of the Objects

KPEP_WLS_COMPLETE - Exits Processing of a WL Step

KPEP_WLS_ENQUEUE - Locks Worklist Again After Calling DEQUEUE_ALL

KPEP_WLS_GET_ALL_OBJECTS - Returns All Objects of the Worklist Step

KPEP_WLS_GET_ATTRIBUTES - Returns Attributes for the Worklist

KPEP_WLS_GET_PRIMARY_OBJECTS - Returns Primary Objects for the Flow Step

KPEP_WLS_INIT - Initialization Worklist Step

KPEP_WLS_INIT_POSTSTEP - Initializes the Subsequent Step

KPEP_WLS_RFC_CONTEXT_EXIT - Gets WL Context for End of an RFC

KPEP_WLS_RFC_CONTEXT_INIT - Initializes the WL Context at the Start of an RFC

KPEP_WLS_RFC_CONTEXT_INTERPRET - Evaluates the WL Context Used in the RFC

KPEP_WLS_RFC_CONTEXT_PREPARE - Creates the WL Context for Use in an RFC

KPEP_WLS_SET_OBJECT_CHANGED - Notes Data Change on Object

KPEP_WLS_SET_OBJECT_STATUS - Sets Processing Status for Object

KPEP_WLS_UNTRACE_COM_CHANGES - Deletes Change Information If Posted


KPEP_WLS_UPD_OBJSTAT_INTERN_V1 - Recreates Object Statistics for Worklist

KPEP_WLS_UPD_OBJSTAT_INTERN_V2 - Recreates Object Statistics for Worklist

KPEP_WL_CURR_STEPINFO_GET - Get Number of Step and Current Program Run

KPEP_WL_DB_BUFFER_RESET - Initializes Buffer

KPEP_WL_DB_BUFFER_UPD_INTERNAL - Updates Worklist on the DB

KPEP_WL_DB_COPY - Copies One Worklist to Another

KPEP_WL_DB_CREATE - Generates a New Worklist with the Transferred Objects

KPEP_WL_DB_DELETE - Deletes a Worklist from the Database

KPEP_WL_DB_SHOW - Display Worklist

KPEP_WL_ENQUEUE_OBJECTS - Locks Object(s) in Worklist

KPEP_WL_FILTERED_GET - Object Selection Worklists: Perform Selection

KPEP_WL_GET_ACTIVE_HANDLE - Gets a Reference to the Current Worklist

KPEP_WL_GET_GROUP_FOR_OBJSTAT - Determines Status Group for Object Status

KPEP_WL_GET_ICON_FOR_OBJSTAT - Gets Icon Display for Object Status

KPEP_WL_GET_NEW_WORKLISTID - Assign New Worklist ID from Number Range


KPEP_WL_RECORD_OBJSTAT_CHANGE - Notes a Status Change for Later Update of Statistical Data

KPEP_WL_ROLE1_MAINTAIN_ASSIGNS - Maintenance of Assignment (Role -> Master Data Support)

KPEP_WL_ROLE_DISPATCH_OBJECTS - Starts Dispatcher Workflow for the Submitted Objects

KPEP_WL_ROLE_DISPLAY_LOG - Log Display for Sending Objects

KPEP_WL_ROLE_EXIT_GET_ACTOR - Derives Persons Responsible for Objects in Worklist

KPEP_WL_ROLE_GET_ACTOR_MULTI - Derivation of Responsibles for Master Data Objects

KPEP_WL_ROLE_READ_ACTOR_BUFFER - Reads the Processor for an Object from the Buffer

KPEP_WL_SCMA_COMPLETE - Exits Processing of Worklist by SCMA

KPEP_WL_SCMA_INIT - Initialization of Worklist from Schedule Manager

KPEP_WL_SET_ACTIVE_HANDLE - Reset Current Worklist

KPEP_WL_SRV_CALL_BY_SCHEDULER - Call Worklist Monitor with the Scheduler

KPEP_WL_SRV_CALL_COMP_HIE - Calls the FM for the Hierarchy Comparison

KPEP_WL_SRV_DIRECT_SELECT - Allows Direct Entry of Worklist IDs in a Popup

KPEP_WL_SRV_MASTER - Connection of Master Data Maintenance to Worklist Monitor

KPEP_WL_SRV_POPUP_GET_WORKLIST - Direct Access for Worklist Monitor

KPEP_WL_SRV_POPUP_INFO_FOR_WL - Info Popup with Selection Criteria for a Worklist

KPEP_WL_SRV_READ_SETTINGS - Reads Settings for Worklist Type

KPEP_WL_SRV_REPORT_SEL_SPECIFY - Enables Customer to Maintain Report Selection

KPEP_WL_SRV_STATUS_POPUP - Display/Change Status Filter

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