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HLP_ACTION_PERFORM - Online help: Callback to perform an action (transaction, link, ...)

HLP_CAPTIONS_GET - Online Help: Create Localization Data

HLP_CONTEXT_DECODE - Online help: Decode call context

HLP_CONTEXT_ENCODE - Online Help: Code Call Context

HLP_CONTEXT_SAVE - Online help: Callback for saving call context

HLP_DOCULINES_SHOW - Display Help Text

HLP_EXTENDED_HELP_CALL - Online Help: Call Extended Help

HLP_KEY_CREATE - Key for Storing Data in INDX

HLP_LINK_EXECUTE - Executable Links

HLP_MODE_CREATE - Online help: Open another session

HLP_OPERATING_SYSTEM_CHECK - Check Whether Windows Operating System is Available


HLP_RTF_DISPLAY - Display an RTF text: 1. first directly, then indirectly

HLP_RTF_DISPLAY_CLOSE - Close help application

HLP_RTF_DISPLAY_PRELOAD - Load help application

HLP_SRV_TRY_REMOTE_RTF_DISPLAY - Display RTF Text: 2nd System Parameter Procurement and RFC Handling

HLP_TECHNICAL_INFO_CREATE_RTF - Format technical info in RTF

HLP_TRY_REMOTE_RTF_DISPLAY - Display an RTF text: 2. Get system parameters and handle RFC

HLP_TRY_REMOTE_RTF_DISPLAY_2 - Display RTF Text: 2nd System Parameter Procurement and RFC Handling

HLP_USER_SETTINGS_DIALOG - Dialog for Changing User-Specific Setting

HLP_USER_SETTINGS_DIALOG_1ST - Dialog for Changing User-Specific Setting

HLP_USER_SETTINGS_GET - Get user-specific settings

HLP_USER_SETTINGS_UPDATE - Change User-Specific Setting

HLP_VIEWER_SELECT - Determine which Viewer (RTF or SAPscript) is to be used

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