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PDATABLE_WRITE_I01 - PDATABLE_WRITE: Message Inbound Adapter / Version I

PDA_DATA_WRITE_I01 - PDA_DATA_WRITE: Message Inbound Adapter / Version I

PDOT_DATE_CONVERT - Convert date (yyyymmdd-->

PDOT_OTYPE_TEXT_GET - Read object type name

PDOT_PERCENTAGE_CONVERT - Convert percentage (nnnnn-->nnn,nn%)

PDOT_PLVAR_TEXT_GET - Read plan version name

PDOT_STATUS_TEXT_GET - Read status name

PDOT_STEXT_SPLIT - Split long text into two lines

PDOT_TEMPLATE - Sample Module for Editing Object Texts

PDRT_PERCENT_GET - Get Relationship Percentage

PDRT_RELATION_CONCAT - Combine Relationship Percentage

PDRT_RELATION_TEXT_GET - Read relationship name

PDRT_TEMPLATE - Sample module for editing relationship texts




PD_DATASET_REQUEST - Determine ID for data set

PD_DATA_OPTIONS_GET - Query of standard evaluation settings

PD_DESIGN_REQUEST - Determine design ID

PD_GRAPHICAL_KEY_DECODE - Decode graphical object key

PD_GRAPHICAL_KEY_ENCODE - Encrypt graphical object key

PD_GRAPHICAL_OBJECT_DEFINE - Convert object with relationship to graphical format

PD_INFOTYPES_FETCH - Save infotype data according to T77GF in buffer

PD_INTERACTION_TEMPLATE - Sample module for graphical interaction

PD_NEW_DATASET_APPLY - Load new data set interactively

PD_NEW_DESIGN_APPLY - Load new design interactively

PD_NEW_OBJECTS_STORE - Store graphical object in memory

PD_OBJECTS_COLLECT - Create object table

PD_OBJECTS_CREATE - Create objects with relationship

PD_OBJECTS_CUT - Cut objects

PD_OBJECTS_DELETE - Delete objects

PD_OBJECTS_DELIMIT - Delimit Objects

PD_OBJECTS_INSERT - Insert Existing Objects with Relationship

PD_OBJECTS_MOVE - Move Objects

PD_OBJECTS_REMOVE - Delete graphical object from memory

PD_OBJECT_DESCRIPTION_DISPLAY - Display object description

PD_OBJECT_INFO_GET - Get extended object info

PD_OBJECT_MAINTAIN - Maintain infotypes for object

PD_OBJECT_STAFFMODE_SWITCH - Switch staff indicator

PD_OBJECT_TEXT_GET - Merge object texts from internal text buffer

PD_OTEXTID_REQUEST - Determine Text ID for Object Texts


PD_RELATION_TEXT_GET - Merge relationship texts

PD_RTEXTID_REQUEST - Determine text ID for relationship texts

PD_STAFF_FUNCTION_FETCH - Save staff function in buffer

PD_STAFF_FUNCTION_GET - Read staff mode for object

PD_STAFF_INFOTYPE_INIT - Determine Infotype with Staff Indicator

PD_STARTUP_OPTIONS_DEFINE - Set start parameter

PD_STRUCTURAL_GRAPHICS - Call SAP Structural Graphics

PD_STRUCTURE_REFRESH - Update interactive structure

PD_TOOLBOX_BUILD - Create toolbox

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