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NUMBER_CHECK - Number range: Checks whether number lies in the number interval


NUMBER_GET_INFO - Number range: Provides information for a number range number

NUMBER_GET_NEXT - NUmber range: Assigns next free number

NUMBER_GET_NEXT_V1 - Assigns next free number(s)

NUMBER_RANGE_DEQUEUE - Number range: Unlock object

NUMBER_RANGE_ELEMENTS_SHOW - Number range: Display interval elements

NUMBER_RANGE_ELEMENT_LIST - Number range: Provide elements for a number range

NUMBER_RANGE_ELEMENT_TEXT_LIST - Number range: Number range element texts

NUMBER_RANGE_ENQUEUE - Number range: Lock object

NUMBER_RANGE_GROUP_LIST - Number range: Provide element and group text

NUMBER_RANGE_GROUP_MAINTAIN - Number range: Maintain groups in dialog

NUMBER_RANGE_GROUP_UPDATE - NUmber range: Create, change, delete groups with check

NUMBER_RANGE_INTERVAL_INIT - Number range: Inititalize number statuses of object intervals

NUMBER_RANGE_INTERVAL_LIST - Number range: Provide number range intervals

NUMBER_RANGE_INTERVAL_LOCAL - Provides numbe range intervals (local statuses)

NUMBER_RANGE_INTERVAL_MAINTAIN - Number range: Maintain intervals in dialog

NUMBER_RANGE_INTERVAL_UPDATE - Number range: Create, change, delete number range intervals

NUMBER_RANGE_INTERVAL_UP_LOCAL - Entering, changing and deleting number range intervals online (local)

NUMBER_RANGE_OBJECT_CLOSE - Number range: Close objects on the database

NUMBER_RANGE_OBJECT_DELETE - Number range: Delete object and/or its texts

NUMBER_RANGE_OBJECT_GET_INFO - Number range: Provide information on object

NUMBER_RANGE_OBJECT_INIT - Number range: Inititalize object

NUMBER_RANGE_OBJECT_LIST - Number range: Provide objects and object texts

NUMBER_RANGE_OBJECT_MAINTAIN - Number range: Maintain objects (with dialog)

NUMBER_RANGE_OBJECT_READ - Number range: Read object

NUMBER_RANGE_OBJECT_UPDATE - Number range: Insert or change object

NUMBER_RANGE_SHOW - Number range: Display groups and intervals for number range object

NUMBER_RANGE_SUBOBJECT_COPY - Number range: Copy groups and intervals of a sub-object

NUMBER_RANGE_SUBOBJECT_GET - Number range: Fetch sub-object for an object (with dialog)

NUMBER_RANGE_SUBOBJECT_LIST - Number range: Provide sub-objects for a number range object

NUMBER_RANGE_SUBOBJ_GET_INFO - Number range: Provides information on the sub-object of an object

NUMBER_RANGE_UPDATE_CLOSE - Number range: Close number range changes on database

NUMBER_RANGE_UPDATE_CLOSE_LOC - Saves all number range changes in the database (local)

NUMBER_RANGE_UPDATE_INIT - Number range: Initialize number ranges and groups (display, maintain)

NUMBER_SET_COUNTRY - Determine complete telephone number incl. international prefix

NUMERIC_CHECK - Editing and checking numeric fields

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