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NLS_BIDI_ICON - Einfluss der Schreirichtung auf Ikone

NLS_BIDI_PAGE - Schreibrichtung für Seiten abfragen

NLS_DBCHECK - Calculate legal length of double byte strings


NLS_RTL_DISPLAY - Soll RTL-Layout verwendet werden?



NLS_TCP0C_CHARCO_CONS_CHECK - TCP0C entries consistency check

NLS_TCP0C_COMPARE - TCP0C table compare

NLS_TCP0C_CONSISTENCY_CHECK - TCP0C entries consistency check

NLS_TCP0C_PLATFORM_CONS_CHECK - TCP0C entries consistency check

NLS_VISUAL_CHARLEN - Visual length of the 1st char in string

NLS_WORD_CF_HIDEDINFO - Flag to send char formats as hided info from ITF->MS Word

NLS_WORD_ENABLE - Should MSWORD be enabled

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