Convert date time between UTC and different timezones

 *& Date time conversion between local time, UTC time can be a bit
 *& confusing at times then you add in different timezones and different
 *& representations of UTC time:


*& ---------- *& UTC with a Z means its in UTC time i.e. 2021-01-01T10:30:01Z *& *& UTC without a Z means local time and the offset to UTC will be added *& to the end i.e. 2021-05-01T10:30:01+05:00 *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* REPORT ztimezone_update. DATA: gd_date TYPE timezone. PARAMETERS: p_vbeln TYPE vbap-vbeln. PERFORM timezone_update USING p_vbeln CHANGING gd_date. *&---------------------------------------------------------------------*


*&---------------------------------------------------------------------* * text *---------------------------------------------------------------------------------* FORM timezone_update USING p_vbeln CHANGING p_date . DATA: wa_vbpawe TYPE vbpa, wa_kna1 TYPE kna1, wa_adrc TYPE adrc. DATA: ld_utcdiff TYPE tznutcdiff, ld_utcsign TYPE tznutcsign, ld_is_in_dst TYPE xflag, ld_utcdiffmin(2) TYPE c. *Get Ship to data (receiver) SELECT SINGLE * FROM vbpa INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF wa_vbpawe WHERE vbeln EQ p_vbeln AND posnr EQ '00000' AND parvw EQ zif_sd_constants=>gc_partner_func_ship_to. "'WE'. "ship to SELECT SINGLE * FROM kna1 INTO wa_kna1 WHERE kunnr EQ wa_vbpawe-kunnr. " ship to * Get customer address data SELECT SINGLE * "TIME_ZONE FROM adrc INTO wa_adrc WHERE addrnumber EQ wa_kna1-adrnr. * IF wa_adrc-time_zone NE sy-zonlo. CALL FUNCTION 'TZON_GET_OFFSET' EXPORTING if_timezone = wa_adrc-time_zone if_local_date = sy-datum if_local_time = sy-uzeit IMPORTING ef_utcdiff = ld_utcdiff ef_utcsign = ld_utcsign ef_is_in_dst = ld_is_in_dst EXCEPTIONS conversion_error = 1 OTHERS = 2. IF sy-subrc EQ 0. DATA: ld_time TYPE sy-uzeit, ld_texttz(20) TYPE c, ld_date TYPE sy-datum, ld_seconds TYPE i. ld_texttz = p_date. SHIFT ld_texttz LEFT DELETING LEADING space. ld_time = ld_texttz+8(6). ld_date = ld_texttz(8). * Convert hours to seconds ld_seconds = ld_seconds + ( ld_utcdiff(2) * 3600 ). * Convert minutes to seconds ld_seconds = ld_seconds + ( ld_utcdiff+2(2) * 60 ). * Add seconds ld_seconds = ld_seconds + ld_utcdiff+4(2) . ld_seconds = ld_seconds * -1. CALL METHOD cl_abap_tstmp=>td_add EXPORTING date = ld_date time = ld_time secs = ld_seconds "'36000' "seconds " 10 hours IMPORTING res_date = ld_date res_time = ld_time. * If no timezone conversion needed you can just concatenate " CONCATENATE ld_date ld_time INTO ld_texttz. " p_date = ld_texttz. * If the date is in utc you can use function module ISU_DATE_TIME_CONVERT_TIMEZONE to convert the date CALL FUNCTION 'ISU_DATE_TIME_CONVERT_TIMEZONE' EXPORTING x_date_utc = ld_date x_time_utc = ld_time x_timezone = sy-zonlo IMPORTING y_date_lcl = ld_date y_time_lcl = ld_time. * Then Concatenate date time into timestamp field via text field CONCATENATE ld_date ld_time INTO ld_texttz. p_date = ld_texttz. * If the date is in your local timezone (i.e. sy-ZONLO) you can use ABAP statement CONVERT DATE * to alter the date and build a timestamp in the appropriate time zone " CONVERT DATE ld_date TIME ld_time INTO TIME STAMP p_date TIME ZONE 'AUSVIC'. ENDIF. ENDIF. ENDFORM.

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