ZsapT is your own local SAP transaction code search engine which is 100% FREE.

What is ZsapT?
ZsapT is your own local SAP transaction code search engine so instead of stumbling through the SAP GUI menu or trying to remember transaction codes just type into the ZsapT search box and hey presto transaction found.

68,000 transaction codes
ZsapT has indexed over 68,000 transaction codes and their descriptions so now you can find anything in SAP in seconds. Just get ZsapT'ing!

Suggest as you type
ZsapT will not just wait for you to type the whole tcode, it displays possible results as you type. So if you know the start of a transaction you can start typing into the search box and watch as it appears in search results.

Search by description
ZsapT also allows you to search on the description of a tcode. So if you are looking for a transaction related to purchase order processing simply type in 'purchase order' and see the results appear

Execute SAP transaction directly
Once you find the transaction code you are looking for simply click on the link in the results page and it will open up a SAP session and execute it. This is very quick to setup you simply enter details of your SAP system, much the same as creating a SAP sortcut from your sap system.

Tips on using ZsapT
When using the description search put a '+' between each word if you want it to bring back results that contain both words

search term 'object+navigator' will return transaction SE80 - object navigator

Where as the search term 'object navigator' will return all tcodes which includes the word object or navigator
SE80 - Object Navigator
SCID - Code Inspector for Specified Object
KKC1 - Create Cost Object
....and many more

Although the url used to be www.zsapt.com it seems this tool does not exist any more.

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