Assign SAP portal theme desktop to specific users

First you need to have created a new Portal default framework which provides the outline of how your portal is going to look, got a SAP Portal theme and assigned it to a portal desktop

Step 1 - Login
First things first you need to login to your SAP portal as the Portal administrator with system administration rights, this role has lots of power to messup the portal so be carefull:-)

Step 2 - Navigate to Desktop & Display Rules
Go to 'System Administration' tab and select the 'Portal Display' sub tab. Now click the 'Desktops & Display Rules' link.

Step 3 - Administrators
Open PortalContent->Portal Administrators->Super Administrators and double click on the 'Master Rule Collection' entry

Step 4 - Add new IF Expression
Next you need to add a second expression so that the administrator user uses a different SAP portal desktop. This helps create a safe environment for the administrator user to try out new options and functionality without effecting other users. Also might be and idea to give a second use admin authority and point it to a separate desktop as well, this way if you manage to mess things up to a point where you cant even login such as removing the content entirly, the second user can login and fix it.

Click Add IF Expression

It should default to [IF] [User] [=] [*],
and [THEN] [Portal Desktop] [=] [pcd:portal_content/every_user/general/defaultDesktop]

Change the If expression to: [If] [User] [=] [Administrator] (note the capital 'A') and click Apply

The rules should then look like this:

Step 5 - Change THEN statement
Click on the 'THEN...' line of the rule you want to change. Now Open your content folder and right click on the portal Desktop you want to use and select 'Add Portal Desktop to Expression'. Now click Apply.

Step 6 - Next step
Next step is to change your theme attribute and CSS values.

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