SAP / ABAP Security - Information on various areas of SAP security

[+] SAP User Roles / AUTHORITY checks
Checking a users authority to run certain ABAP code

[+] Work a rounds and security bypassing
Bypssing SAP security / authority checking

Add *'s to SAP password screen field
make password field display *'s

RSECNOTE SAP EarlyWatch security check
SAP EarlyWatch report to automatically check for missing security OSS notes using RSECNOTE

Display SAP user roles
Display list of SAP roles assigned to user/employee

Add role to SAP user account
ABAP code to add new role to SAP user account

Copy SAP user ABAP program
Copies a SAP user account, updates infotype 0105 to link to pernr record and sends email confirming new password

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