Add SAP text translations to Transport request using RS_LXE_RECORD_TORDER or SLXT

Once you have made your text translation you will need to transport them through your SAP landscape.

Unfortunately translations are not added to a transport automatically so you need to add them manually yourself using the SAP transaction SLXT. This tcode will execute ABAP program RS_LXE_RECORD_TORDER or RS_LXE_LOG_EXPORT if you are using a later version of SAP. Once you know what to do it is a very easy task to do.

Step 1 - Execute transport program
Execute standard SAP program 'RS_LXE_RECORD_TORDER' or 'RS_LXE_LOG_EXPORT' via SE80 or SE38. Alternatively execute transaction code SLXT directly.

Within the later version RS_LXE_LOG_EXPORT you get the following extra fields at the top, just leave them as default

Step 2 - Enter language details
Enter the language your translated your text too (I know it looks like a display only field, it is not you simply need to use the F4 or the dropdown help button

Step 3 - Enter Transport details
If you do not have a transport you want to add your text changes too simply selected 'Create New Request' checkbox and enter a description for your transport. Also select Workbench Request so that you can see easier in SE10.

Step 4 - Date/Time selectionperiod
Enter date/date selection period of when you made the change (All translations will be returned w made within this period)

Step 5 - Selection filters
• Enter the object type or '*' to pick up all i.e.SRT1(FUGR)
• Within the Object Processor field enter SAP user ID of the person who made the change

Step 6 - Execute program
Now simply press the execute button

Step 7 - Object added to transport
You will now be presented with a screen detailing the number of objects found and transport number created.

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