SAP ABAP BDC creation - Example code and information on call transaction and batch input session

Call Transaction
Create an SAP BDC Call transaction program

Generate ABAP program from BDC recording on another client
Generate ABAP program from SHDB recorded performed in a different client

SAP Batch Input session
Create an SAP Batch Input session program

Updating SAP database tables
Various ways to update SAP tables

Example BDC Call Transaction program
Create an SAP BDC call transaction program

Enhanced Call Transaction program
Enhanced SAP call transaction program

Create BDC recording or SAP transaction
Record an SAP transaction and use recording to create BDC program

Format date for BDC creation
Convert the date into a format which can be input onto BDC screen field

BDC allows you to perform database updates in the background using standard SAP transactions. The resultant entries will be as if the user had manually entered the data via SAP. This means that you do not bypass any of the standard SAP consistency checks, authorisations etc. There are two main methods of ABAP BDC, these are Call Transaction and Batch Input. Other methods of update include Direct update, Idoc and BAPI. Format date field for BDC screen entry

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