Get access to an SAP system for individual needs

Dedicated access to an SAP system
There are many companies such as SAP Remote login that offer access to a live SAP system for your own individual use, this could be for the day, the weekend or even for the year, as long you want really. This would allow you to access an SAP system to meet any training needs you may have, develop an ABAP report, web dynpro, Fiori/SAPUI5 app etc. or simply familiarise yourself with a specific SAP transaction.

As well as basic SAP installations such as ERP ECC 6.0 or SAP 4.7 you can also get access to SAP systems with CRM 7, SRM 7, SAP PI 7.1, Solution manager etc. installed and configured. They also offer various enhancement pack levels for the different modules as well.

Access to a full SAP system is not necessarily what you are after. Perhaps you just want an SAP application server so that you can develop ABAP reports and applications. For this the miniSAP software may be the answer as it is a piece of software you install on your local pc which allows you to access SAP transactions such as se80 to develop ABAP code. It's not quite as simple as it sounds but please see here for a full step by step guide to installing a mini SAP 610 system on you own pc or laptop. It also provides details where to get the latest version of miniSAP/ ECC trial from.

Install your Own free SAP Trial System beyond miniSAP 6.10
Since these early additions of miniSAP a host of other trial and local versions of SAP software has become available, but finding the information and performing the install is still a bit of an art form. Especially when most people who require these installations are ABAP or SAP beginners. Finding the information required and performing the install started being quite complicated and over the years this has just got worse. Luckily there are a number of excellent online video tutorials/courses available which not only take you step by step through each process but are also updated with the latest information on a regular basis.

Some are free and some are just a few dollars but the information is invaluable if it gets you up and running in less than a couple of hours. You also get access to the trainers if you have any problems or queries and as they are provided via the worldwide udemy platform they all come with a 30-day money back guarantee, so if it does do what it says then simply get your money back.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are referral links, meaning, at no additional cost to you (and in most cases means you get a cheaper price than if you had gone straight to the providers website), I will earn a commission if you make a purchase.

See below for details of the best ones available (based on my opinion) or just check out the full list of guides here on how to install a SAP trial system
How To Install Your Own SAP Trial System Free
Peter Moxon� Head Trainer at Sap Training HQ

Learn how to install your very own SAP Trial / SAP Developer System with this this Step by Step guide from Peter Moxon

10 lectures | 1 hour | Beginner level

4.3 (469 ratings)
Build a Free SAP Business Objects BI Trial System
Rim Geurts� SAP Business Objects Consultant

Learn how to install and configure a SAP Business Objects BI 4.1 Trial system for Free

18 lectures | 39 mins | All levels

4.5 (31 ratings)
Get Your own SAP HANA Copy for your Laptop
Junaid Ahmed� Entrepreneur, Product Designer, Architect and Trainer

Download, Install and Run the SAP HANA express edition on your laptop

25 lectures | 1.5 hours | All levels

4.2 (61 ratings)
How To Install Your Own SAP BI/BW 7.3 Trial System Free
Rob Davis� BI Consultant & Data Visualization Expert

Learn how to easily set up and configure your very own SAP BI/BW Trial system

14 lectures | 1 hours | Beginner level

4.3 (29 ratings)
Local SAP: How To Install Your Own Free Local SAP Trial System
Ana Lekic� SAP Senior Consultant, #1 SAP Trainer for New Technologies

Learn how to install your own SAP System (for free) so you can play around with what you've learned about SAP and ABAP

13 lectures | 1 hours | All levels

3.8 (29 ratings)
How to install SAP IDES for FREE and get your access now
Eng. Alex Cotoara� SAP Manufacturing Expert in High-Tech Industry

Learn how to install your SAP IDES on your own computer by following this Step-by-Step guide

11 lectures | 31 mins | Beginner level

4.1 (152 ratings)
Run your Own SAP HANA in less than 30 minutes
Wissen Academy� For Training & Learning

A-Z guide to install SAP HANA server in your own PC

11 lectures | 32 mins | All levels

New course so no ratings yet

Free SAP access
Another option used to be a free SAP account from consulut but unfortunatley this is no longer available

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