Accrual Object Table Relationships

Accrual Object Distribution Server Reporting Table ACAC_ACE_ACEOBJ_LDB (ACEOBJ_LDB) – Structure in Logical DB Node ACEOBJ      ACAC_ACE_ACEDSOH_LDB (ACEDSOH_LDB) – Structure in Logical DB Node ACEDSOH           ACAC_ACE_ACEDSASSGMT_LDB (ACEDSAS_LDB) – Structure in the Logical DB Nodes ACEDSASSGMT           ACAC_ACE_ACEDSOI_LDB (ACEDSOI_LDB) – Structure in Logical DB Node ACEDSOI           ACAC_ACE_ACEDSOP_LDB (ACEDSOP_LDB) – Structure in Logical DB Node ACEDSOP Accrual Engine Posting …

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RV: Sales Documents

ADMIX – Help structure for reading via ADK in LDB(SD)      VBUK – Sales Doc.: Header Status and Administrative Data           VBAK – Sales Document: Header Data                VBFA – Sales Document Flow                NAST – Message status                VBKD – Sales Document: Business Data                VBUP – Sales Document: Item Status                VBAP – Sales Document: Item Data                VBEP – Sales …

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Logical Database for Customs Worklist

/SAPSLL/CUSWLO – Customs Processing: Worklist for Cust. Declaration      /SAPSLL/CUSWLO_DS_S (DYNSEL_SAP) – Standard Delimitation      /SAPSLL/CUSWLO_CUST_S (DYNSEL_SAPCUS1) – Extension      /SAPSLL/CUSWLO_CUST_S (DYNSEL_SAPCUS2) – Extension of Processes to Declare      /SAPSLL/CUSWLD – Completed Transactions           /SAPSLL/CUSWLD_CUST_S (DYNSEL_SAPCUS5) – Extension           /SAPSLL/CUSWLD_CUST_S (DYNSEL_SAPCUS6) – Extension of Completed Processes      /SAPSLL/CUS_SELPARAM_001_S (ADD_SELECTION) – Additional Selection Criteria