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Select Freight Order TOR object

  DATA lo_svc_mngr TYPE REF TO /bobf/if_tra_service_manager.   DATA lo_txn_mngr TYPE REF TO /bobf/if_tra_transaction_mgr.   DATA: lt_root    TYPE /scmtms/t_tor_root_k,         lt_party   TYPE /scmtms/t_tor_party_k,         lt_item_tr TYPE /scmtms/t_tor_item_tr_k,         lt_stages  TYPE /scmtms/t_pln_stage,         lt_stops   TYPE /scmtms/t_tor_stop_k.   DATA: lt_key TYPE /bobf/t_frw_key,         lt_sel TYPE /bobf/t_frw_query_selparam.   CALL METHOD /bobf/cl_tra_serv_mgr_factory=>get_service_manager     EXPORTING       iv_bo_key          = /scmtms/if_tor_c=>sc_bo_key  ” Business Object     RECEIVING       eo_service_manager = lo_svc_mngr.   ” Interface for (Proxy) Service Manager   CALL METHOD /bobf/cl_tra_trans_mgr_factory=>get_transaction_manager     RECEIVING       eo_transaction_manager = lo_txn_mngr.    ” Standalone Transaction Manager Instance   APPEND INITIAL LINE TO lt_sel ASSIGNING FIELD-SYMBOL(<sparam>).   <sparam>-attribute_name = ‘TOR_ID’.   <sparam>-sign           = ‘I’.   <sparam>-option         = ‘EQ’.   <sparam>-low            = ‘1000000000’.   “<fs_sparam>-HIGH   CALL METHOD lo_svc_mngr->query     EXPORTING       iv_query_key            = /scmtms/if_tor_c=>sc_query-root-root_elements       it_selection_parameters = lt_sel       iv_fill_data            = abap_true     IMPORTING       et_data                 = lt_root       et_key                  = lt_key.   lo_svc_mngr->query(      EXPORTING        iv_query_key  = /scmtms/if_tor_c=>sc_query-root-tor_key_by_pln_attr  ” fo_data_by_attr ”  fu_data_by_attr   “if_resource_c=>sc_query-root-qu_by_attributes  ” QU_BY_ATTRIBUTES_ALL                ” Query *      IT_FILTER_KEY           =                  ” Key Table        it_selection_parameters = lt_sel                ” Query Selection Parameters *      IS_QUERY_OPTIONS        =                  ” Query Options        iv_fill_data            = abap_true       ” Data element for domain BOOLE: TRUE (=’X’) and FALSE (=’ ‘) *      IT_REQUESTED_ATTRIBUTES =                  ” List of Names (e.g. Fieldnames)      IMPORTING *      EO_MESSAGE              =                  ” Message Object *      ES_QUERY_INFO           =                  ” Query Information        et_data                 = lt_root        et_key                  = lt_key    ).   CALL METHOD /scmtms/cl_print_helper=>get_tor_nodes     EXPORTING       it_key     = lt_key     IMPORTING       et_root    = lt_root       et_item_tr = lt_item_tr       et_party   = lt_party       et_stages  = lt_stages       et_stop    = lt_stops. …

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SAP TM – Transportation Management

Welcome to the quick cheat sheet on SAP TM for details on relevant Business Objects, PPF Printing, useful Transaction codes, configuration as well as links more detailed guides, documentation, and utilities. SAP TM Transactions Here are the list of useful t-codes for the SAP Transportation Management system /SCMTMS/* /SCMTMS/RES01 – Resource/SCMTMS/LOC3 – Location/SCMTMS/TL5 – Transportation …

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Accrual Object Table Relationships

Accrual Object Distribution Server Reporting Table ACAC_ACE_ACEOBJ_LDB (ACEOBJ_LDB) – Structure in Logical DB Node ACEOBJ      ACAC_ACE_ACEDSOH_LDB (ACEDSOH_LDB) – Structure in Logical DB Node ACEDSOH           ACAC_ACE_ACEDSASSGMT_LDB (ACEDSAS_LDB) – Structure in the Logical DB Nodes ACEDSASSGMT           ACAC_ACE_ACEDSOI_LDB (ACEDSOI_LDB) – Structure in Logical DB Node ACEDSOI           ACAC_ACE_ACEDSOP_LDB (ACEDSOP_LDB) – Structure in Logical DB Node ACEDSOP Accrual Engine Posting …

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RV: Sales Documents

ADMIX – Help structure for reading via ADK in LDB(SD)      VBUK – Sales Doc.: Header Status and Administrative Data           VBAK – Sales Document: Header Data                VBFA – Sales Document Flow                NAST – Message status                VBKD – Sales Document: Business Data                VBUP – Sales Document: Item Status                VBAP – Sales Document: Item Data                VBEP – Sales …

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Logical Database for Customs Worklist

/SAPSLL/CUSWLO – Customs Processing: Worklist for Cust. Declaration      /SAPSLL/CUSWLO_DS_S (DYNSEL_SAP) – Standard Delimitation      /SAPSLL/CUSWLO_CUST_S (DYNSEL_SAPCUS1) – Extension      /SAPSLL/CUSWLO_CUST_S (DYNSEL_SAPCUS2) – Extension of Processes to Declare      /SAPSLL/CUSWLD – Completed Transactions           /SAPSLL/CUSWLD_CUST_S (DYNSEL_SAPCUS5) – Extension           /SAPSLL/CUSWLD_CUST_S (DYNSEL_SAPCUS6) – Extension of Completed Processes      /SAPSLL/CUS_SELPARAM_001_S (ADD_SELECTION) – Additional Selection Criteria