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• LEAVE ABAP Statement

ABAP Syntax(Obsolete)LEAVE.

What does it do? The statement LEAVE without additions is context-specific: During list processing (when the list processor is active), LEAVE functions like LEAVE LIST-PROCESSING. The list processor is either called using LEAVE TO LIST-PROCESSING or called implicitly when executable programs are processed. In all other situations, LEAVE is executed only when the system field sy-calld is not initial; if this field is initial, it is ignored.
LEAVE exits a program called using CALL TRANSACTION or SUBMIT ... AND RETURN , and returns to the point after the call point.
LEAVE does not exit a program if it was started using LEAVE TO TRANSACTION or a transaction code from a screen, or if the program is processed in batch input.
If a program was called using SUBMIT without the AND RETURN additions, LEAVE functions the same way as in the calling program.

Latest notes:The behavior of the statement LEAVE without
additions is particularly unpredictable (statically) when specified in callable units. Therefore, LEAVE should only be used with additions that uniquely control the behavior: LEAVE PROGRAM

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