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ABAP Syntax DATA struc TYPE struc_type BOXED.

What does it do? This statement defines a structured attribute of a class or an interface as a
oder eine Unterstruktur eine solchen Struktur static box. It can only be located in the declaration section of a class or an interface and only at the highest level.
oder innerhalb einer Strukturdefinition mit den Zusätzen
und END OF der Anweisung DATA
und dort wiederum nur auf der höchsten Komponentenebene.
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A structured data type must be specified for struc_type. This can be a local program structured type, a visible structured type of a class or a global interface, or a structure from the ABAP Dictionary, and can contain static boxes.

Static boxes support initial value sharing. The structure is not saved in the higher-level context itself. Instead, an internal reference that points to the actual structure is stored in place of the component. A static box is therefore a deep component.

Latest notes: A structure with a static box is a deep structure and the corresponding restrictions apply.
The BOXED addition defines the static box with reference to its context (structure or class). A data type that is declared by a direct TYPE or LIKE reference to a static box is assigned its data type but is not a static box.
When a static box is copied from one structure to another structure ABAP Code Snippet statement, its static box attribute is also copied.
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The addition BOXED can also be used in the statement TYPES to declare a substructure of a nested structured data type.

Example ABAP Coding
The following section shows the allowed usage of the
addition BOXED with the statement [CLASS-]DATA. In a class, declares a static structure struc1 and a structured instance attribute struc2 as a static box. CLASS c1 DEFINITION.
TYPES: BEGIN OF t_struc,
comp1 TYPE c LENGTH 100,
comp2 TYPE n LENGTH 100,
END OF t_struc.
CLASS-DATA struc1 TYPE t_struc BOXED.
DATA struc2 TYPE t100 BOXED.

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