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• ADD ABAP Statement

ABAP Syntax ADD dobj1 TO dobj2.

What does it do? This statement has the same effect as the statement dobj2 = dobj2 + dobj1. The content of dobj1 is added to the content of dobj2 and the result is assigned to dobj2. The data objects dobj1 and dobj2 have to be numeric. Predefined functions or functional methods cannot be specified. The calculation type is determined like an arithmetic expression.

ABAP_PGL Using Operator Format

Latest notes:Obsolete forms of statement ADD are ADD...THEN...UNTIL and ADD-CORRESPONDING.

Example ABAP Coding
After adding, the result contains the character
string '_________1'. The calculation type is decfloat34. The content of the character-type field result is converted to decfloat34 before the operation and back to c after the operation. DATA: operand TYPE decfloat16 VALUE 1,
result TYPE c LENGTH 10.

ADD operand TO result.

Runtime Exceptions

Catchable Exceptions

Reason for error:
Overflow in arithmetic operation (type p)
Runtime error:
Reason for error:
Integer overflow while adding
Runtime error:

Reason for error:
Overflow in arithmetic operation (type p, with specified length)
Runtime error:

Non-catchable Exceptions

Runtime error:
Reason for error:
p field does not contain the correct BCD format
Runtime error:

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