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KWPWCHKF - KW: File Name of Last Check-out

KWPWCHKO - KW: Physical Information Object Check-out Data

KWPWCONT1 - KWPW Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)

KWPWIDXSTA - SDOK: Status Table for Indexing Documents: IWB1

KWPWLOIO - KEN: Instances of Logical Information Objects

KWPWLOIOT - KEN: Description of Logical Information Objects

KWPWLOPR - KEN: Attributes of Logical Information Objects

KWPWLORE - KEN: Outgoing Links of Logical Information Objects

KWPWLORI - KW: Incoming Links of Physical Information Objects

KWPWNODE - Node Table for General Structure Storage

KWPWNODER - General Structure Storage References

KWPWNODET - General Structure Storage Node Names

KWPWPHF - KW: Physical Information Object Files

KWPWPHHR - KW: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects

KWPWPHHRPR - EPF: Attributes of Hyperlink Relationships

KWPWPHIO - KW: Instances of Physical Information Objects

KWPWPHNM - KW: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects

KWPWPHNMPR - EPF: Attributes of Target Anchor Relationships

KWPWPHPR - KW: Physical Information Object Attributes

KWPWPHRE - KW: Outgoing Links of Physical Information Objects

KWPWPHREPR - EPF: Attributes of Outgoing Relationships for PHIOs

KWPWPHRI - KW: Incoming Links of Physical Information Objects

KWPWPHRIPR - EPF: Attributes of Incoming Relationships for PHIOs

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