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KREDFLDLINE - Rows of the List of Fields for the Return Structure KREDMESS

KREDMESS - Messages on field checks in vendor master

KREDVOR_NEU_ALT - New/old values for forwarding vendor default data

KRED_F4 - Vendor master data; Work fields for search help

KRED_PART - Partner data for a vendor partner function

KREO - Fields for reorg. transaction

KREPCBPR - Structure for process master data report

KREPCKPH - Structure for cost object report

KREPCSKS - Structure for Cost Center Master Data Report

KREPCSLA - Structure for activity type master data report

KREPSTKE - Structure for statistical key figure master data report

KREP_CSKB - Structure for cost element master data

KRESS_FAM_REL - Korea Family/Dependants Information - ESS

KRET_EXPECT - Expectation Structure for Tests

KRET_RESULT - Text Retrieval Results

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