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KNA1 - General Data in Customer Master

KNA1BRAZIL - Customer Master Data - Brazil

KNA1EXIT - Interchange Point for Adding to the Customer Master (KNA1)

KNA1VV - Generated Table for View

KNA1_APP_DI - Customer Master (General Part) Direct Input Append Structure

KNA1_BF - Help structure for KNA1 for decoupling

KNA1_DI - Customer Master (General Part) Direct Input

KNA1_FS - Customer Master

KNA1_ISR - Additional Fields and Work Fields for IS-Retail

KNA1_KEY - Key for table KNA1 for mass access

KNA1_KEY_S - Key: Customer Master with Client

KNA1_PSO - IS-PS Fields for Table KNA1

KNA1_REFERENCE - Structure for Referenceable Fields in KNA1

KNA1_RTEXTE - Reporting: Long texts for KNA1

KNAS - Customer master (VAT registration numbers general section)

KNAS_KEY_S - Key: EC Tax Numbers Customer with Client

KNAT - Customer Master Record (Tax Groupings)

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