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KLPA - Customer/Vendor Linking

KLPARAM - Credit Limit: Tab for Controlling Ext. Default Risk Rates

KLPERC - Collateral: Percentage Rates

KLPRAB - Logging of Attributable Amounts (Issuer Risk)

KLPRBASIS - Overall Structure for Logging AAD

KLPREHLOG - Persistent Error Handling

KLPRIO_AMOUNT - Priority: Amount

KLPRMASTER - Header Data for Logging

KLPRNODEOBJNR - Logging of the Assignment of Nodes to Object Numbers

KLPROTFAZINFO - Log of Key Figures for Facility

KLPROTNETGRINFO - Log of Key Figures for Netting Group

KLPROTOCOL - Control Values for Logging

KLPRPERC - Percentage Rates for Logging

KLPRSECRISK - Logging of Secondary Risks

KLPRVARBEL - Structure: Variable Assignment for Logging

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