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KBLD - Screen fields for SAPMKBLD

KBLDVA - Field Catalog for Value Adjustments

KBLD_FMSP - Rule-Based Account Distributions result flag

KBLD_PRINT - Form Data for Earmarked Funds

KBLE - Document Item Processing: Manual Document Entry

KBLESUM - Totals Table KBLE

KBLEW - Item development amounts in various currencies

KBLEW_SUM - Totals Records for Development Items from KBLEW

KBLE_REF - Reference Fields for Development Records

KBLK - Document Header: Manual Document Entry

KBLKKRED - Vendors for Funds Reservations

KBLK_AWOBJ - Structure of Fields AWREF and AWORG for Object Type KBLK

KBLK_USER - Fields for addtl funds commt, funds precommt etc. hdr data

KBLP - Document Item: Manual Document Entry

KBLPAYDY - Payment Plan Screen Fields

KBLPAYK - Payment Plan Header

KBLPAYP - Payment Plan Items

KBLPS - Earmarked Funds: Value Adjustment Documents

KBLPSD - Screen Fields for Value Adjustment Documents

KBLPW - Document item amounts in different currencies

KBLP_ACC - Earmarked Fund: External Data Transfer of Accounting Objects

KBLP_ACCX - Earmarked Fund: Control of Data Transfer Accounting Objects

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