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IMRCCUST - System Settings for Measuring Points and Measurement Docs

IMRC_IMPH - Structure for Measurement History Readings

IMRC_IMPT - Structure for measurement point values

IMRC_IMRG - Structure for measurement readings

IMREP_KONS - Structure for reporting vendor consignment / IM

IMREP_MATST - Structure for reporting material master / inv. management

IMREP_MSEG - Structure for reporting material documents / inv. management

IMRG - Measurement Document

IMRG_MDOCM - Structure for Table Lines Only Containing MDOCM

IMRG_S_MDPT_TXT - Measurement Document with Point and Text

IMRG_TEST_LOG - Log file for imrg tester

IMRG_USR - Structure With User Fields for Measurement Document

IMRG_USR1 - Structure for User Exit for Measurement Document

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