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IDKR_ADDRESS_ITAB - This is the customer address

IDKR_AMNDSTAT - Amendment Status code for Korea Electronic Tax Invoice

IDKR_AMNDSTATD - Amendment Status description - Korea ETI

IDKR_BUPLA_ADRESSE - This is the business place address

IDKR_CUSTVAT - VAT registration number against customer on a time basis

IDKR_MATTYPE - This is the materials structure for the korean report

IDKR_STVENVAT - Structure for Korea Business case

IDKR_SUM_AMTBUF - Structure for amount denomination

IDKR_SUM_HEADER - Structure for header information for cust/vend summary list

IDKR_SUM_ITEM - Structure for Customer/ vendor summary list

IDKR_SUM_ITEM_DETAILS - vat structure for detail items

IDKR_VENVAT - VAT registration number against vendor on a time basis

IDKU1 - IDOC - Transfer Order/Payment Advice Header (BGM)

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