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EREC5102 - Infotype 5102: Candidate Information (E-Recruiting)

EREC5125 - Infotype 5125: Requisition Information (E-Recruiting)

EREC5132 - Infotype 5132: Application Information (E-Recruiting)

EREC5141 - Infotype 5141: Questionnaire (E-Recruiting)

EREC_FORMS - Form groupings based on type of Managers and Forms

EREC_GENERAL - General Requisition Form Settings

EREC_ISR_TYPES - ISR Requisition Scenario Types

EREC_ISR_TYPES_T - Text table for ISR Requisition Types

EREC_METHODS - Start Methods for Requisition Creation

EREC_MGR_GRP - Grouping of Managers for E-Recruiting scenarios

EREC_MGR_GRP_T - Text table for manager grouping in E-Recruiting

EREC_RCF_S_ACTIVITY_GENERAL - General Activity Fields

EREC_START_FORMS - Start scenarios for Requisition Creation in E-Recruiting

EREC_START_PARAMS - Start parameters for Requisition Creation in E-Recruiting

EREC_S_ACTIVITY_GENERAL - General Activity Fields

EREC_S_ACTIVITY_GENERAL_TXT - General Activity Texts from E-Recruiting

EREC_S_API_DOCUMENT_HISTORY - Assessment Document History from E-Recruiting

EREC_S_API_P5121 - MSS E-Rec: API structure for Posting Data sent to P5121

EREC_S_API_P5125 - MSS E-Rec: API structure for Basic Data sent to P5125

EREC_S_API_P5126 - MSS E-Rec: API structure for Job Data sent to P5126

EREC_S_API_P5128 - MSS E-Rec: API structure for Education data sent to P5128

EREC_S_API_P5129 - MSS E-Rec: API structure for Job Requirements sent to P5129

EREC_S_API_PROC_TEMPLATE - MSS E-Recruiting: API Structure for Process Template

EREC_S_API_REQUI_LIST - Requisition entry structure from E-Recruiting

EREC_S_API_SUPP_TEAM - MSS E-Recruiting : API structure for Support Team

EREC_S_BRANCH_LOCATION - MSS E-Recruiting: API structure for Branch Location Details

EREC_S_BRANCH_NAME - MSS E-Recruiting: API structure for Branch Name

EREC_S_CURRENCY_LIST - MSS E-Recruiting: API structure for Currencies with text

EREC_S_EMPLOYMENT_FRACTION - MSS E-Recruiting: API structure for Empl. Fraction/Work Time


EREC_S_EXT_DECISION - E-Recruiting Structure for Extended Decision

EREC_S_FIELD_HELPLIST - MSS E-Recruiting Infotype Fields Help List

EREC_S_HROBJECT - ERecruiting Requisition HROBJECT

EREC_S_HROBJECT_TXT - Description of Object

EREC_S_LIST_CANDIDACIES_X - Additional Information on Candidacy from E-Recruiting

EREC_S_POS_BASIC_INFO - Info of Position attached to Requisition in E-Recruiting Sys

EREC_S_QA_RANK_LIST - Structure for the Ranking of Documents from E-Recruiting


EREC_S_SAL_RANGE_LIST - MSS E-Recruiting: API structure for Salary Range

EREDEMP - Redemption Document for Loyalty Program

EREDEMPD - Screen Fields : Redemption

EREDEMPDATASAP - Redemption: Data Fields (No Keys)

EREDEMP_HLP - Auxiliary Structure for Selecting Redemption Documents

EREF - Assignment Table: Object/Event

EREFDISSUP - Reference Between Supplier and Distributor Documents

EREMADVCTRL_IDOC - IDE: control table - payment data

EREN - Predefined Event Numbers (Forecast)

EREPL_MDGP_CONF - Parameter for Master Data Template CRMNEWCONTRACT

EREPL_MSG - ECRMREPL: Statistics for Error Entries

EREPL_MSGMON - Structure for Display Parameters

EREPL_STAT - ECRMREPL: Statistics for Error Entries

EREP_FUBA - IS-U Device Checker: Allocation Initial Table - Repair FuMo

ERESB - MMIM: Output Structure for FM 'Create Reservation' - Item

ERESOL - Conflict Resolution for Different MetReadings on same Day

ERESOL_CUST - Customer Table: Different Conflict Resolution Meter Readings

ERET - Forecast/Event Texts

EREV - Version in Purchasing

EREVDATA - DCM Version in Purchasing: Data

EREVDATAX - DCM Version Data in Purchasing - Change Parameter

EREVGRID - DCM Version Grid Structure

EREVHEADER - Version in Purchasing: Header

EREVITEM - DCM Version in Purchasing: Data

EREVITEMX - DCM Version in Purchasing - Change Parameter

EREV_FS - Field Selection for Version EREV

EREV_PROPOSAL - Version Default Values

EREWARD - Reward Item

EREWARDT - Reward Item (Texts)

ERE_S_DYNF - Event Resolution Transaction API: Dynpro field & properties

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