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E3T001K - Segment for valuation area

E3T001L - Segment for plant / storage location

E3T001W - Segment for plants

E3T023W - Segment for value-only material determination

E3T023X - Segment for exceptions in VO-material determination

E3T024D - Segment for MRP controllers

E3T024W - Segment for Allowed Purchasing Organization/Plant

E3T130W - Segment for plant parameters for master data maintenance

E3T134G - Segment for org. unit: business area determination

E3T134M - Segment for controlling qty/value updates as of rel 3.0A

E3T148W - Segment for plant paramters for special stock maintenance

E3T159L - Segment for IM and Phys. Inv. default values

E3T161I - Segment for release strategy determination

E3T320M - Segment WM storage loc. - warehouse no. assignment

E3T399D - Segment for control parameters for materials planning

E3T438M - Segment for control param. for requirements plng - mat.level

E3T438R - Segment for range of coverage profile

E3T438S - Segment for texts for range of coverage profile

E3T438X - Segment for texts for MRP group

E3T439G - Segment for PP planning periods: header table

E3T439H - Segment for PP planning periods: long texts

E3T439I - Segment for PP planning periods: periods

E3T439J - Segment for PP planning periods: calculation rule

E3TABFN - Value assignment alternatives for variant tables and functs

E3TCMEM - Master characteristic valid class types

E3TFACL - Master Factory Calendar (TFACS)

E3TMHDL - E3 structure of IDoc LOITMX01

E3TMMBL - E3 structure of LOITMX01

E3TMTXL - E3 structure of LOITMX01

E3TPACC - Activity description for processing a document

E3TPALC - Permitted forwarding agents in shipment

E3TPCOC - Material Classification for Accumulation of Delivery Items

E3TPDIH - Dimensions at delivery header level

E3TPDII - Dimensions at Item Level

E3TPDIS - Dimensions of shipping units and packing

E3TPDIS01 - Internal dimensions of shipping units and packing

E3TPDLC - Transportation costs with reference to delivery

E3TPDLC01 - Intern. structure transportation costs with ref. to delivery

E3TPDLH - Delivery Header for Transportation Planning Interface

E3TPDLI - Delivery Item

E3TPDOS - Document status in transportation planning


E3TPE01 - Process at Delivery Header Level

E3TPE11 - Process at Shipment Header Level

E3TPE1101 - Internal Structure of Process at Shipment Header Level

E3TPE12 - Process at Shipment Stage Level

E3TPE1201 - Internal Process at Shipment Stage Level

E3TPEQT - Transportataion and shipping material

E3TPFRC - Transportation costs

E3TPFRC01 - Transportation costs

E3TPITF - Time frame

E3TPLCT - Code for location, customer or vendor

E3TPLCT02 - Location code for internal use

E3TPLO1 - Description of a location

E3TPLOC - Description of a location

E3TPLOC01 - Internal structure for description of location

E3TPNOT - Text

E3TPSHA - Activity in a Shipment Load Transfer Point

E3TPSHA01 - Internal activities in a transport load transfer point

E3TPSHH - Shipment Header

E3TPSHI - Deliveries in Shipment

E3TPSHR - Transportation planning railway data

E3TPSHT - Distances and Travel Times for a Shipment Stage

E3TPSHT01 - Internal distances and travelling times for shipment stage

E3TPSHU - Shipping material

E3TPSID - Shipment Document Number

E3TPSLS - Load transfer point in shipment

E3TPSUC - Component item of shipping unit

E3TPSUR - Reference shipping unit - shipping material

E3TPTIW - Time frame

E3TPTR1 - Code for a General Location

E3TPTRM - Code for a General Location

E3TPTRM01 - Internal structure for general location code

E3TPTRP - Planning requirement (existing and planned shipments)

E3TPVAR - Variant Name

E3TRTPI - TPI extension to transport unit

E3TVKWZ - Segment allowed plants per sales organization

E3TVSTZ - Segment org. units: shipping points per plant

E3TVSWZ - Segment for shipping points per plant

E3TXTH0 - IDOC: Text Header (Delivery Date)

E3TXTH1 - CA-EDI: General text header

E3TXTH2 - General text header

E3TXTH3 - General text header

E3TXTH4 - General text header

E3TXTH5 - General text header

E3TXTH6 - IDOC: Text Header (Shipment)

E3TXTH7 - IDOC: Text Header (Shipment Date)

E3TXTH8 - IDOC: Text Header (Delivery)

E3TXTH9 - IDOC: Text Header (Delivery Item)

E3TXTP0 - IDOC: Text Segment (Delivery Date)

E3TXTP1 - CA-EDI: General text segment

E3TXTP2 - General text segment

E3TXTP3 - General text segment

E3TXTP4 - General text segment

E3TXTP5 - General text segment

E3TXTP6 - IDoc: Text Segment (Shipment)

E3TXTP7 - IDOC: Text Segment (Shipment Date)

E3TXTP8 - IDOC: Text Segment (Delivery)

E3TXTP9 - IDOC: Text Segment (Delivery Item)

E3TXTRW - Text line for SAPmail (72 columns)

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